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Well of Suffering.jpg Well of Suffering is Mrs Thundermaker's favorite skill.

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NecromancerMrs Thundermaker


  • Campaign: Canthan
  • D.O.B: Don't know yet
  • Hours: 2 hundred-ish
  • EXP: 1 million-ish
  • Mini Pets:
    • First Year: None yet


  • None Maxed

Current Armor[edit]


  1. Radiant Istani Scar Pattern of Superior Death Magic
  2. Radiant Istani Tunic of Attunement
  3. Bloodstained Vabbian Gloves of Attunement
  4. Radiant Vabbian Leggings of Attunement
  5. Cabalist's Canthan Boots of Attunement
  • I yanked the name from my boyfriend's necromancer, "Mr Thundermaker". I thought it would be nice to have a Mr and Mrs running around. :)
  • Well, I put in a lot of work for this lady. like... a lot... and i think she took out 10 years off of my life also. Let's see, she was my first character to try for survival. I suppose I got pretty reckless, because a friend went afk and i thought... "pft, they're just fire imps. Minions, AWAY!"

Primary Weapon[edit]

Wep Mod[edit]

 .Cold damage: 11-22 (requires 9 Death Magic)
 .Halves skill recharge of Death Magic spells (chance: 20%)
 .Energy +15
 .Energy regeneration -1

 .Energy +12 (Requires 9 Death Magic)
 .Death Magic +1 (20% chance while using skills)
 .Energy +15
 .Energy Regeneration -1