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Ruecal Zesbeer[edit]

User Zesbeer RupZes.jpg
Ruecal, was born in Elona, he grew up as a rich market boy in the river side village Yahnur, in the province of Vabbi. At the age of 10 he was sent to Istan where he was taught by the Sunspears to be a Necromancer, which he took a liking to, though he dropped out of their ranks at the age of 15. When one of his brother Daniel convened him to go to the Shing Jea Monastery for training to become a skilled Ritualist. He graduated with honorers at the age of 18, when he was 20 he lost his parents for harboring fellow sunspears. He has been trying to avenged their deaths ever since. . .

Alexander Zesbeer[edit]

User Zesbeer AlexZes.jpg
Alex was left behind in Ascalon at the young age of 3 right after the searing, thankfully he was found by a convoy of Ebon Vanguard and was raised by them to become a mighty Paragon. Alex doesn't know what happened to his parents, and has been trying to find out what happened to them for all he knows were kill by the searing it self. In the mean time he has become a member of the Ebon Vanguard and has helped plan and execute attacks on the charr whom he thinks has killed his family like so many of the other Ebon Vanguard, little dose he know they escaped the searing. . . He can be found at the Eye Of the North preparing for another attack. . .

Zire Dame Zesbeer[edit]

User Zesbeer Zirezes.jpg
Zire was the first born of the bunch and his father intended on having him take over the family's business, but to the disappointment of his father he ran off and joined the luxon armada. Where picked up the middle name dame and helped in the fight against the kuzicks. Before he left Ascalon he had be come a Legendary defender. He has since left the luxons and as been trying to gain control of the Hall of Heroes. He is often found waiting for a party in the Battle Isles. . .

Rupert Zesbeer[edit]

User Zesbeer Durdzes.jpg
Rupert, was born in Cantha (Sir Zesbeer was making a few trades one of which was with Countess Lynda Durheim) and was brought back to the Zesbeer's new home in Elona. He left at an early age to study the ways of the Monk order at the Shing Jea Monastery and has become a powerful smite monk, And a devout follower of Dwayna. The rest of the Zesbeer line has had little to no contact with him because he has been studying the lost magics of the druids at the Henge of Denravi, in hopes of finding new more powerful monk prayers. Rupert and Alex are brothers Thew there mom Kate. his father is a unknown canthan.

Kate Zesbeer[edit]

User Zesbeer Katzes.jpg
Kate was Born in Ascalon before the searing, she was well on her way to becoming one of the first Dervishes to come out of Ascalon before the searing hit, and when it did she was busy training in fort ranik and barely escaped alive. she went back to her home out side of what used to be Ashford Abbey to see if her family had survived (her parents had moved to Vabbi earlier that year) all she found was ashes and the remembrance of a family she once had, most dire was the loss of her husband and son alex. . .

Julia Zesbeer[edit]

User Zesbeer Julzes.jpg
Julia, being a quite talented Mesmer she had moved with her family to study at the Astralarium, and had been teaching sunspears on the side. When she stumbled on to an Asura gate below Kamadan which was tuned to the central transfer chamber. After going thew the gate she came across a asura named Zeky who was running tests on the gates. this chance encounter sparked a new interest in the Asura were she is studying along side Zeky and learning the ways of the Eternal Alchemy, she can be found with him around Vlox falls. . .

Endua Zesbeer[edit]

User Zesbeer Endzes.jpg
a Elementalist, Endua was the real first born of the Zesbeer line but Sir Zesbeer, did not know about the child. She was born with out ever knowing her real father, her mother a traveling actress who raised her. Her mother named her after her self Endora, and gave her the last name of her father. Endua learned the elements from other actresses and other show fok and is now on a quest to meet her real father. . .

Steven Zesbeer[edit]

User Zesbeer Stevzes.jpg
Steven is Ahima's twin, both stevn and ahima were abandoned at birth. After being split apart Steven joined the Kourna army they thought him how to be a Ranger he defected when Varesh ordered the death of all sunspears.(he was raised by the Zesbeer family) Before he left the Fortress of Jahai he had stolen one of the leading commanders battle plans, when one of the fortress's Archers spotted him looking suspicious and shot him in the eye. . . Steven likes to keeps a full Menagerie of pets and likes to swap then frequently and can be found there, . . .

Ahima Zesbeer[edit]

User Zesbeer AmaZes.jpg
Ahima, was given to Countess Lynda Durheim and when she was little separated from Steven her twin brother. All her life Ahima was thought to be a Necromancer and to follow the path of Grenth. she has no qualms with Sir Zesbeer's decision to separate them she dose not even remember Steven. She was brought up well off. she can be found at her home, the Durheim Archives or out and about doing Grenth's will she figures she will find steven some day. . .

Daniel Zesbeer[edit]

User Zesbeer DanZes.jpg
Daniel, Ruecal's Brother was sent by his father to the Shing Jea Monastery where he learned the ways of the Assassin, latter he would convince his brother to train with him at the monastery. He often Had adventures with Ruecal to far off lands. He was very saddened by the loss of his love Cora, they meet at the monastery and quickly fell in love, after graduating from the Monastery they moved to Kaineng, where Daniel, would sell Assassin skill set. Some times he would still venture out with Ruecal on adventures over seas. Daniel was hired by the sun spears and was a way when Shiro's plague hit, unfortunately his love Cora became afflicted and as a result died. Daniel has vowed to kill Shiro wherever he might rise. . .

A year after the events in Guild wars beyond:[edit]

  • Daniel never got the chance to kill Shiro, Feeling betrayed he ended up joining the ministry of purity and lost in a battle to the death with Ruecal during the time when the ministry labeled Ruecal and his party a threat that needed to be purified.
  • After a long search for her lost brother Ahima decided she was done living with the strife that plagued the Kurzicks and Luxons, and thinking her search for her brother lost she moved to Nebo Terrace, and started a family. Not much is Known about what happened to her after that.
  • After all the long battles Steven was softened by war and became a much more caring and passive man. but before Steven put down his bow, he also did a search for his sister. He found her in Lion's Arch and saw that she was happy, he didn't introduce himself but observed her from a distance. He then returned to the Menagerie where he planned on living out the rest of his live and was not heard from again.
  • Endua Did find her father but unfortunately it was only a ruined statue with a sign that read “In honor of Zesbeer...” the rest of the sign was damaged and illegible. It was hard to make out what the statute even looked like. She had only happened upon it by chance. The caravan of entertainers she was traveling with had stopped there to rest at the ruins. She returned to that place a few times to see if she could summon any ghosts of its past but had no luck. she gave up after a charr war-band set up there. Latter in her life she tried to find out more about her father, in her quest she joined the newly formed Durmand Priory and spent the rest of her days in that search. She did find the other Zesbeer children but was unable to find much else, but in her quest she helped the priory a great deal in gathering information, until she died gathering information for the priory...
  • Zeky and Julia worked side by side for years and eventually started the a private lab which specialized in making advancements in golem tech. Not much is known about the lab or what happened in that lab. They became very secretive when one of their designs was stolen. What is known is that is the last known location for Julia and Zeky, In their remote lab.
  • Kate thinking her family lost after the searing enlisted in the ascalonian army to help fight for her homeland against the charr, and stayed in ascalon after rurik left. She didn't have a very large impact but she stayed there fighting until the ebon vanguard was recalled back to ascalon and then re-stationed to the south. at that time she decided to leave with Gwen and see if she could make a better life for herself to the south because ascalon didn’t seem to be improving. Its unclear if she made it to ebonhawke outpost with the other ebon vanguards.
  • Rupert lived out his life as a monk in the Henge he tried to start a monastery a few times but failed due to centaur raided, he continued to study at the henge. Contact with him was lost when he went on a unknown quest deeper into the surrounding jungle.
  • Zire Dame and his party found their way to the hall of heroes and many fames were had. His raiding party disbanded and Zire didn't know what to do with himself. So he went to the north and was attracted to the norn people and how they lived their life following the spirits of the wild and going on great hunts. after going on many hunts he settled at Gunnar's Hold where he lived out his life in the arena, he eventually found a woman and fell in love and started a family.
  • Alexander stayed with the Ebon Vanguard up until they were recalled to ascalon, with a few other vanguard he stayed behind and guarded the eye for the rest of his days it is unknown what his final outcome was. But he vowed to stay behind and guard the hall of monuments and the eye.
  • It is unknown at this time what happened to Ruecal...