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User Zesbeer sig.png About: This page is a area for me to be able to make a lot of changes to a page that I feel needs reformatting, or cleaning up. And a place to figure out whats going on via code.

To do:[edit]

  • Finish the end to my last character.
  • Make redirects for all my pages to one talk page. done for now...
  • figure out what i want to do with the feed back name space and subsequent pages.
  • rework the mursaat page done
  • re design my main user page to use a even more modified character template i already use. done
  • add more later


Your builds always make me wonder if you're joking. If not, do you even play this game?

Missing Hats[edit]

Year Dragon Festival Halloween Wintersday
Lion's Arch Kamadan Dwayna Grenth
2005 Unknown UnknownPumpkin Crown.png
Pumpkin Crown
Unknown UnknownYule Cap.png
Yule Cap
UnknownHorns of Grenth.png
Horns of Grenth
2006 YesDragon Mask.png
Dragon Mask
YesFurious Pumpkin Crown.png
Furious Pumpkin Crown
YesWicked Hat m.pngWicked Hat f.png
Wicked Hat
YesStylish Yule Cap.png
Stylish Yule Cap
YesFreezie Crown.png
Freezie Crown
YesGreat Horns of Grenth.png
Great Horns of Grenth
YesJester's Cap.png
Jester's Cap
2007 YesDemon Mask.png
Demon Mask
YesScarecrow Mask.png
Scarecrow Mask
YesMummy Mask.png
Mummy Mask
YesWreath Crown.png
Wreath Crown
YesIce Crown.png
Ice Crown
2008 UnknownGrasping Mask.png
Grasping Mask
UnknownZombie Face Paint.png
Zombie Face Paint
UnknownLupine Mask.png
Lupine Mask
YesRudi Mask.png
Rudi Mask
YesGrentch Cap.png
Grentch Cap
2009 NoImperial Dragon Mask.png
Imperial Dragon Mask
YesCharr Hat.png
Charr Hat
YesSkeleton Face Paint.png
Skeleton Face Paint
YesSnow Crystal Crest.png
Snow Crystal Crest
YesIce Shard Crest.png
Ice Shard Crest
2010 UnknownSinister Dragon Mask.png
Sinister Dragon Mask
YesFurrocious Ears.png
Furrocious Ears
YesDivine Halo.png
Divine Halo
YesDemonic Horns.png
Demonic Horns
2011 UnknownMirthful Dragon Mask.png
Mirthful Dragon Mask
YesReaper's Hood.png
Reaper's Hood
YesFestive Winter Hood.png
Festive Winter Hood
YesStylish Black Scarf.pngStylish Red Striped Scarf.pngStylish White Striped Scarf.png
Stylish Scarves

Other hats[edit]

YesDay of the Tengu YesCanthan New Year
Tengu Mask.png
Tengu Mask
Lion Mask.png
Lion Mask