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General Info:
It should be noted that I have stopped playing gw1 and am fully focused on gw2, a link to my gw2 wiki page is at the bottom of this section.

So I have been playing Guild Wars for about six years now, I started playing right after factions came out but before the first Dragon Festival. I got the game because my friends played it. I was like "sweet something to do online with my friends" (Star Craft Brood Wars was getting boring) interestingly enough none of them play anymore. . . but I have found some new people that I enjoy playing with (we mostly Ha and when they are not online I pve with other pve scrubs). I am a male, 25 years old and I live in Washington state near Seattle... (no I haven't been to anet, but I have met most of them at PAX 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011)

As of right now (8/12/12) I have played 6176 Hours 56 Minutes over the past 73 Months across all of my Characters. I also keep a blog

Done! got Gwamm Thank you to everyone who helped me get there.

User Zesbeer gw2sig.png A link to my GW2 Wiki page here. User Zesbeer gw2sig.png
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