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Your ranger build[edit]

I used to think only with deadly paradox and regular dagger attack chain Jagged Strike->Fox Fangs->Death Blossom, with storm chaser to get energy. At first glance your build may not seem very impressive, but it actually has a lot of very good ideas.

Serpent's Quickness has high recharge and cancels with storm chaser but it avoids the classic deadly paradox's downside of disabling attack skills. Way of the lotus is not good at all, but it provides a nice energy boost and it fuels shadow form's damage reduction by abusing the bug that consider the original duration of the enchantment (20s, even though the enchantment is removed when the first dual attack is used). Golden Phoenix Strike is a neat idea too. Let's compare : Jagged Strike->Fox Fangs->Death Blossom will deal 21 damage to all vaettirs every 2,33s (3s without SQ) for 15 energy, while golden phoenix strike->death blossom will deal 42 every 5,28s (8s without SQ) for 10 energy. A regular dagger chain deal slightly less than 50% more dps than phoenix+death blossom rotation do, but it also is almost 3 times more energy-expensive. In 21,6s of Shadow form, having 10s disabled skills with deadly paradox means only 10,6s which is 3~4 regular jagged->fox->blossom rotations, for 63~84 damage (not under SQ), while you can score almost 4 golden strike phoenix-> death blossom (168 damage) in 20-21s with your rotation (under SQ).

If you still want to keep SQ and having energy troubles, keep in mind that you can always switch to a zealous scythe and keep attacking to get 3 energy/strike (i.e. 2 energy/s). May not help much though, since you need damage reduction anyway. Last but not least, have you checked this page : Guide_to_vaettir_farming ? --Ruine User Ruine Eternelle Ruine Eternelle.jpg Eternelle 10:13, 13 April 2016 (UTC)

Thanks. Yeah that guide is where I copied the format from for my page. I'm currently trying out one of the Dervish builds on that page. Regarding energy, before posting the Ranger build here I actually removed a +5 energy inscription from my daggers to see if it could run with only 25e and it still works fine. I only put the build together because I get bored of running the same old A/Me, Me/A, E/Me, builds all the time (and a E/R build I often use now that I haven't posted here yet). It is slow but, minus the Shadow Form half of the build, it's something different to run. Otherwise, those other builds are still far superior. C0Zm1c (talk) 09:59, 14 April 2016 (UTC)