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Dervish Build[edit]

I love this guide, there is just so much information that the main article doesn't cover that could come in handy someone playing FA. You might want to mention something about Turtle spawning, and how a living/unstalled Turtle effects the outcome for both sides. You might also address strategic target calling, and a chain of priority for who to attack first. And you could advise readers on how to deal with leecher/leaver situations where winning is near impossible. As for a Dervish build, I find this one to be effective on the Luxon side (not so much the Kurzick side).

Life Sheath.jpg
Signet of Pious Light.jpg
Imbue Health.jpg
Shielding Hands.jpg
Eremite's Zeal.jpg
Shield of Force.jpg
Watchful Intervention.jpg
Mystic Regeneration.jpg

The dervish is a more durable healer than the monk with excellent energy management. The one downside is imbue health cannot self-taget, so you die under pressure if you don't keep Mystic Regeneration up. And enchantment stripping is also a weakness. I also find the imbalanced E/D Star Burst PBAoE to be a good option for some (not all) Luxon Elementalists as it contains a hefty and maintainable spike:

Star Burst.jpg
Flame Burst.jpg
Flame Djinn's Haste.jpg
Liquid Flame.jpg
Shield of Force.jpg
Fire Attunement.jpg
Aura of Restoration.jpg

I hope my feedback helps! --CrazyRabidSquirrel 18:17, 19 July 2012 (UTC)

For the elementalist that can be used on both sides. The last skill is optional but i usually take Aura of Restoration.

Mind Burn.jpg
Mind Burn
Glowing Gaze.jpg
Glowing Gaze
Searing Heat.jpg
Searing Heat
Fire Storm.jpg
Fire Storm
Glyph of Restoration.jpg
Glyph of Restoration
Fire Attunement.jpg
Fire Attunement

Great for taking down any shrines and has very high damage so it can put some real pressure on monks. The only disadvantage is has is a lack of defense and that it is weak in continuous battles due to the exhaustion stacking up. It's a build very easy to use even if you lack a brain.

For the monk on Kurz side.

Air of Enchantment.jpg
Air of Enchantment
Reversal of Fortune.jpg
Reversal of Fortune
Dwayna's Kiss.jpg
Dwayna's Kiss
Healing Breeze.jpg
Healing Breeze
Protective Spirit.jpg
Protective Spirit
Shield of Absorption.jpg
Shield of Absorption
Spotless Soul.jpg
Spotless Soul
Spotless Mind.jpg
Spotless Mind

Can decide a match quite often depending on how well you can manage to keep those NPC's up. It can reduce damage very effectively but like all enchantment based builds is weak against strong monk/enchantment hate. It can cope with the general anti-caster/enchantment stuff if you have a proper functioning brain and it has limits on how much pressure it can handle so you need some kills from your team. The only big downside this build has is a lack of self-management so it's difficult to heal yourself when you take some serious damage from luxons with a brain. If you are good with it can be decisive for the match.

Optional skills to take are Patient Spirit and Spirit Bond, Guardian is also good option to take against those pesky luxon warriors. To maintain yourself Contemplation of Purity would be a wise choise. You can also tap into Smiting Prayers for enchantments such as Reversal of Damage and Holy Wrath instead Healing Prayers but it will be harder to keep the NPC's alive. It also requires some proper runing, i use 12 (11+1) healing, 12 (10+1+1) protection and 11 (10+1) divine favor.

A second monk build that can be used on both sides and is more all-round in it's use.

Healing Burst.jpg
Healing Burst
Dwayna's Kiss.jpg
Dwayna's Kiss
Healing Breeze.jpg
Healing Breeze
Shield of Absorption.jpg
Shield of Absorption
Draw Conditions.jpg
Draw Conditions
Mending Touch.jpg
Mending Touch
Spotless Mind.jpg
Spotless Mind

The last skill is optional for obvious reasons.

Go try these 3 out and if you like them you can add them, for me they work. Da Mystic Reaper 18:41, 19 July 2012 (UTC)

Thanks you very much for your feedback.
The guide isn't completed yet and there is much work to do.I will try the derv build since i have no idea about his efficiency. I will put the Star bust and AoE build with PS instead of breeze (better e-management/self-heal).The MBurn is very prone to disenchant so not viable in kurz side until optional is AoR or any other cover enchant.
I may latter limit the build per 3/prof*side and keeping only build synerging with FA format else the guide will be the FA-section of gwpvx and it's not the actual goal.
The guide will go on with turlte and squad/tactics depending of the pace/mine rushing/tips for melee (because melee have harder time than casters in)/teamwork and maybe a list of must-have skill. All ideas and feedback are welcome Ich bin marc 19:02, 19 July 2012 (UTC)
Breeze is worthless - replace it with Patient Spirit and you'll have a much more efficient build. Patient --> kiss is also good redbar. Guardian is the best monk skill in the game, and it's not on either of those bars. Draw and mtouch are redundant, I'd take Cure Hex over one of them. For the optional, Channelling, GoLE, and dshot all come to mind (natty stride over mtouch if you go with dshot). -- Armond WarbladeUser Armond sig image.png 21:44, 19 July 2012 (UTC)
It seems like you are overrating Guardian a bit and underestimate the effectiveness of Healing Breeze. In FA Healing Breeze is a great skill against pressure and to counter degeneration. I can understand it haslittple place in RA, HA and GvG but in FA it's a very useful enchantment. The reason why i don't use guardian is because it's use in FA is limited an more luxons play caster than martial classes, and casters are the more dangerous opponents. Luxons warriors can easily be handled without the use of Guardian as can most of the luxon martial classes so it's not the most ideal skill to take in FA kurz side, useful but far from the best. Besides i already listed Guardian, Patient Spirit and Spirit Bond as optionals, it's just what the user would prefer.
For the second build the criteria about Guardian also applies to this build. The reason i use DC MT combination is because conditions are very easily stacked up in FA and need to be removed fast, a single condition removal like Dismiss Condition is not enough to properly counter them. It's the same thing with Cure Hex, a single hex removal will not be enough in FA hence the use of Spotless Mind over Cure Hex. It does not i have never tried them in that build that i have but i found out that Draw Conditions combined with Mending Touch and Spotless Soul and Spotless Mind are much more effective than Dismiss Condition and Cure Hex. Patient Spirit vs Healing Breeze hardly matters since both are good to take and one is not superior to the other in FA. The main reason i prefer Healing Breeze over Patient Spirit is because i use a 20% enchantment mod and i don't like swapping to use just one skill. Keep in mind that HB over time with an enchantment mod heals for more than PS (at rank 12 204 health per 10 energy for PS and 288 health per 10 energy for HB).
Keep in mind that FA plays different than the classic PvP formats and that those builds and skills effective in those games are often not as effective as in FA and JQ. For example Shock wich is popular in RA is a bad skill to take in FA due to the long matches and the stacking of the 10 exhaustion, wich means a Shock Axe build is not an effective build to take neither on a sin.
About the Mind Burn build, like i said i take Aura of Restoration since it's a good cover enchantment but the loss of enchantments making it unusable does not apply to that build and is a reason i use it. Due to the low costs of Mind Burn and Glowing Gaze the build works very without enchantments so you can even fight when turtles have removed your enchantments. Since Searing Heat and Fire Storm are only used on shrines the only costly spell is Fireball wich can be endured pretty well with 12+ energy storage and not including the weapon mods. I even used a Mind Burn (not Mind Blast) build in the past without enchantments and it worked as good as the one with enchantments. It's a good build to take even if you are facing enchantment removal it hardly loses it's effectiveness. Da Mystic Reaper 12:15, 20 July 2012 (UTC)
I dunno, I just don't like using both draw and mtouch. I much prefer spamming draw to bring all sorts of conditions onto myself and letting patient keep me up. I can understand Duardian being less effective in FA than other formats... but it's still really strong, in my experience. I've alternated Guardian and SoA on Guther and he just doesn't drop, and I can drop a ZB in every now and then if needed. Breeze is a lot of healing, yeah, but it's so slow - I just can't justify that at 10e, personally. My usual build went something like this:
Zealous Benediction.jpg
Zealous Benediction
Patient Spirit.jpg
Patient Spirit
Distracting Shot.jpg
Distracting Shot
Natural Stride.jpg
Natural Stride
Shield of Absorption.jpg
Shield of Absorption
Draw Conditions.jpg
Draw Conditions
Cure Hex.jpg
Cure Hex
Cure Hex isn't as good as Spotless Mind for getting rid of hexes, but the heal is clutch in a bunch of circumstances, so I like it. Optional is generally Remove Hex, Dwayna's Kiss, or Guardian, depending on my mood at the time. Also, make sure the weapon swap keys are easy to hit (I used zxcv before I got a razer mouse), because one key skill of being a monk is the ability to swap weapons before and after every cast (to the ideal set for that cast and then back to your low energy set). You also want to be good at dshot - landing it on a Shadow Form or glyphsac'd Meteor Shower can save a match. -- Armond WarbladeUser Armond sig image.png 17:37, 20 July 2012 (UTC)

Almost forgot.

Armor of Sanctity.jpg
Armor of Sanctity
Mirage Cloak.jpg
Mirage Cloak
Veil of Thorns.jpg
Veil of Thorns
Mystic Regeneration.jpg
Mystic Regeneration
Signet of Pious Light.jpg
Signet of Pious Light
Vital Boon.jpg
Vital Boon
Intimidating Aura.jpg
Intimidating Aura
Avatar of Melandru.jpg
Avatar of Melandru

A dervish Turtle Tank build. Works great for stalling turtles.

Optional skills are Fleeting Stability, Shield of Force and tapping into Wind Prayers Pious Restoration instead of Signet of Pious Light for a hex removal and Vow of Piety for defense and regeneration. Da Mystic Reaper 12:22, 20 July 2012 (UTC)

Looks Amazing so far[edit]

I just glanced at this guide again, and it really beginning to take shape. I like how it focuses on practical information without getting too in-depth or vague. I guess that's the plus side of the guide being written by only one person. I've always thought that the main FA page is a little tedious and vague, this one provides more practical and down-to-earth information. Sometimes I think people new to FA just a guide that tells them one or two helpful things to do during the match and what an effective build is. I think it's great how you've broken the Kurzick side into jobs, the FA page just has big blocks of information. I'm looking forward to the Luxon strategies, I just wish there was a way to give more people access to this. -CrazyRabidSquirrel 00:06, 15 August 2012 (UTC)