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Interrupt research - wiki table[edit]

Skill name Prof Effects
Description (if yes) Comments/notes

Complicate Complicate

Mesmer Mesmer Yes Target(s) skill(s) disabled during cast

Cry of Frustration Cry of Frustration

Mesmer Mesmer Question Mark.png Damage + interrupt target and in the area

Leech Signet Leech Signet

Mesmer Mesmer Yes Caster receives energy

Power Leak Power Leak

Mesmer Mesmer Yes Target loses energy

Power Drain Power Drain

Mesmer Mesmer Yes Caster receives energy

Power Flux Power Flux

Mesmer Mesmer Yes Target is hexed with Power Flux

Power Leech Power Leech

Mesmer Mesmer Yes Target is hexed with Power Leech

Power Lock Power Lock

Mesmer Mesmer No

Power Return Power Return

Mesmer Mesmer Yes Target receives energy

Power Spike Power Spike

Mesmer Mesmer Yes Target takes damage

Psychic Distraction Psychic Distraction

Mesmer Mesmer Yes Target’s skill disabled during cast

Psychic Instability Psychic Instability

Mesmer Mesmer No

Signet of Disruption Signet of Disruption

Mesmer Mesmer Yes Target takes damage

Signet of Distraction Signet of Distraction

Mesmer Mesmer Yes Target’s spell/skill disabled during cast

Signet of Clumsiness Signet of Clumsiness

Mesmer Mesmer Yes Target is knocked down during attack

Tease Tease

Mesmer Mesmer Yes Target and in the area have energy stolen

Concussion Shot Concussion Shot

Ranger Ranger Yes Causes daze

Disrupting Lunge Disrupting Lunge

Ranger Ranger No

Disrupting Shot Disrupting Shot

Ranger Ranger Yes Target takes added damage

Distracting Shot Distracting Shot

Ranger Ranger No

Magebane Shot Magebane Shot

Ranger Ranger No

Savage Shot Savage Shot

Ranger Ranger Yes Target takes added damage

Disarm Disarm

Warrior Warrior Question Mark.png Disables target's attack skills

Disrupting Chop Disrupting Chop

Warrior Warrior No

Distracting Strike Distracting Strike

Warrior Warrior No

Savage Slash Savage Slash

Warrior Warrior Yes Target takes extra damage

Disrupting Stab Disrupting Stab

Assassin Assassin No

Exhausting Assault Exhausting Assault

Assassin Assassin Yes Exhausts target

Icy Prism Icy Prism

Elementalist Elementalist Yes Target’s signet(s) disabled during cast

Lyssa's Assault Lyssa's Assault

Dervish Dervish No

Comments on table[edit]

That's nice! The only thing I am concerned about (had the same issue when making mine) is where to put the profession. I ended up leaving it out because I didn't want to do anymore but was planning to have the profession icon in a separate column to the left of skill name that only lists when profs start. maybe should have posted that originally. I don't want you to like have to do a lot of work to redo it but I think only an icon is needed as when you click the icon you get to the profession page, plus it looks neater IMO. Previously Unsigned 04:43, 31 March 2011 (UTC)

Actually, looking at the table, how it goes, I could do that myself! I just wouldn't know how to make the first column transparent. Do you mind if I reverse the skill name/profession places and then post it as that? Previously Unsigned 04:49, 31 March 2011 (UTC)
Copy, edit, paste. It's your research project :-)
BTW: it's not that much trouble to switch columns — just let me know what you want it to look like, once you decide on the design and if you find it takes more than 3-4 min; I have some tools that make it easier for me.  — Tennessee Ernie Ford (TEF) 04:55, 31 March 2011 (UTC)
Oh... ha! I had already started... anyways was just gonna like swap column and 2 with each other, with prof as just an icon. I don't know if it would look ok or not with just ONE prof symbol for a whole group but it's like when you use "" to show that the same as above. If you post it with the prof icon for every line, then I can remove them easier than adding them to swap between. Previously Unsigned 05:08, 31 March 2011 (UTC)
So um, can you try it? I still don't know how to make only the first column invisible. If it can't be invisible, oh well. A lot of copy and paste otherwise too. Previously Unsigned 05:20, 31 March 2011 (UTC)

Evidence suggesting the problem lies in the text, not the bug[edit]

Check out Power Block's talk page: apparently, the skill's original description made it easier to see that the disabling effect is divorced from successful interruption. Take a gander and decide for yourself. (That doesn't mean that there isn't an issue; especially if this is just a text issue, ANet could easily update the relevant interrupts to correctly describe whether the non-interrupt effects are dependent on interruption...or not).  — Tennessee Ernie Ford (TEF) 13:11, 4 May 2011 (UTC)