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[edit] Legendary Maniacs [UOF]

Legendary Maniacs [UOF]
Guild Legendary Maniacs cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Faction Luxon
Type PvE
No. of members 100
Guild Hall Imperial Isle
VoIP Teamspeak 2

Legendary Maniacs is based from an old Dutch guild. We are still mainly a Dutch guild, with some international members.

Our main goal is to exist as long as possible and to keep our members and alliance folks happy.

We do lots of events with the alliance little minigames, like Scrimmage Tournaments and Hide & Seek, but what [UOF] mainly got proud of is their Radio Hosting, we can host the radio through Teamspeak and into Winamp which people can follow through Winamp by logging on to the code.

We have people from all ages, although we have mostly youngsters because they mainly play Guild Wars. The strongest part of the guild is that we stick up for each other, we never come alone, or like Kormir would say it "A Maniac never fights alone.".

As of 12 June 2007 the real gods of ArenaNet prenounced us Guild of the Week. We will be forever thankfull.

[edit] Recruitment

  • We are always in for new members, if you are just a beginner or a veteran everyone is welcome and we help where we can, but if you are a bit cocky please search a other guild.
  • we have a 2 months trail when the guild is full to give those away for a period the chance to return online, when this doesn't happen we will have a free spot for a new member, signing up can be done ingame or on our forum.
  • English is a must, because we have an international alliance.
  • An invite can be send in no time, there are always officers online.

[edit] Contact information

Feel free to visit our guild webside. (dead)

We don't have a basic meeting spot so you find us scattering everywhere, we might set a find point.

Guild LegendaryManiacs logo.jpg

[edit] High Council

Guild Leaders:

  • Rogier Vierb
  • Simone Firedragon

Guild Officers

  • Blakkie The Elle
  • Dante The King
  • Drakuf Kills U
  • Golan SSJ
  • Torque Freeman
  • Sir Auxero
  • Mercury Rain
  • Garfass Bloodfang
  • Berry The Necroboy
  • Dragonrider Mark
  • Kruk Krukkerdekruk
  • Tim Thunderstrike
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