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The 1,000 Daggers is a Canthan NPC guild with its guild hall on the edge of the Jade Sea, in the northeastern corner of the Boreas Seabed. They have not meddled in Luxon affairs for two hundred years.

During the Halcyon Job, it is shown that this guild is hired by the Kurzicks, and the player must assassinate their leader, Lord Senkai. Afterwards, Captain Rion of the Halcyon, took over Senkai's place as leader.

List of hostile NPCs[edit]

Region Name Trophy
The Jade Sea

Monk 20 (26) Luxon Monk
Necromancer 20 (26) Luxon Necromancer
Elementalist 20 (26) Luxon Elementalist
Assassin 20 (26) Luxon Assassin

Luxon Pendant


  • Although they are regular Canthans, the guild members are represented by Luxon Monks, Necromancers, Elementalists and Assassins, excluding the two bosses, Senkai and Ilidus of the Empty Palm, who use the same models as Outcast Warriors.