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[edit] JayEddie

[edit] Background

I live in the Midwestern United States. Started playing GW in Aug of '06 when I purchased Factions. Since then, I have acquired NF (w/ pre-release), Proph GOTY edition, and GW:EN (w/ pre-release).

[edit] Guild Information

[edit] Guild Name

Renegade Security Squadron [ReSe]

[edit] Position


[edit] Mission Statement

[ReSe]'s purpose is to be a small helpful guild that wants to have fun while still being successful at completing the campaigns. We are always trying to grow, and are in the process of "stocking" our hall. We initially will focus only on PvE, eventually we would like to do occasional AB and other PvP types.

[edit] Characters:

Ta Fbody
L20 Canthan E/Me
Fbody Redblood
L20 Canthan W/* (mostly /a)
Ta of the Arc
L20 Canthan R/Me
Cantorino Fbody
L7 Elonian P/W
Killer Redblood
L20 Canthan A/*
Life Breath Ta
L17 Elonian Mo/N
Nacre Fbody
L20 Elonian D/N
Mysteria Fbody
L20 Tyrian Me/Mo
Dethmaster Redblood
L9 Tyrian N/Mo
Fbodys Spiritess
L20 Canthan Rt/Mo
Tavia Redblood
L8 Tyrian W/R (perma-pre)
Archiressa Fbody
L14 Elonian R/P (Survivor Candidate)

My Talk Page

The Right Tub Alliance
Leader The Right Tub
Members The Getaway Special • Drunken Rabbit Army • Order Of The Obsidian Storm • Salvation Promised • Shadow Blood Syndicate • Academy_Of_The_LegendaryOrder_Of_Pandora • Renegade Security Squadron • Song and Branch
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