$100,000 Tournament Series Trophy

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$100,000 Tournament Series Trophy
$100,000 Tournament Series Trophy.jpg
Type Interactive object
Campaign Core

The $100,000 Tournament Series Trophy is an interactive object located near the statue of Balthazar in the Great Temple of Balthazar. It is a large trophy cup on a pedestal, displaying a plaque listing the winners of this tournament series.


The Battle Isles


Presented by the Zaishen to the 2007 monthly champions of the $100,000 Tournament Series.

Monthly GvG champions:
- Heart of Ashes and Dust (May)
- Virtual Dragons (June)
- Virtual Dragons (July)
- Rebel Rising (August)
- Rebel Rising (September)
- Delta Formation (October)
- Heart of Ashes and Dust (November)
- Rebel Rising (December)

Monthly HvH Champions:
- Piccolo II (May)
- X Ekelon X (June)
- X Ekelon X (July)
- X Ekelon X (August)
- I Fretty I (September)
- Murder Za (October)
- The Getaway Special (November)
- Joey on Tour (December)

All players and guilds have earned their share of more than $10,000 in monthly prizes. Congratulations to these skillful winners!


  • The trophy was previously featured in the center of the temple, before being moved to the current location.