2010 Automated Tournament Series Trophy

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2010 Automated Tournament Series Trophy
2010 Automated Tournament Series Trophy.jpg
Type Interactive object
Campaign Core

The 2010 Automated Tournament Series Trophy is an interactive object located in the center of the Great Temple of Balthazar. It is a large trophy cup on a pedestal, displaying a plaque listing the winners of this tournament series.


The Battle Isles


Presented by the Zaishen to the 2010 monthly champions of the Automated Tournament Series.

Monthly GvG champions:
- Young Money Merger (January)
- Edible Granite Pencil (February)
- Dangerous Pumpkins (March)
- Chipotle Mexican Bar And Grill (April)
- Get Good (May)
- Inadequately Retired (June)
- Whats Going On (July)
- Illl Ill Il I Il Ill (August)
- The Flying Pig Squadron (September)
- Alea Iacta (October)
- Failure Is Not An Option (November)
- Cupcake Brigade (December)

Congratulations to these skillful winners!