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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions


With Guild Wars 2 i was thinking we could create a collection of fuseable weapons that are able to joined into 1 to form an untradeable weapon that is really powerful, say someone plays the game alot and they like collecting weapons like on Guild Wars 1, they could set out to find these rare weapons that in themselves are powerful but together make a weapon that is soo awesome looking it blinds u if u look staight at it lols. These special weapons could have multiple fusing partners, say some1 likes the evil kind of look they would fuse like 2 different compatible evil counterparts transforming into a sword of pure evil with like black lightning coming off it whereas some might like a pure sword look and it could be like white and gold with some gold rings around it or something.There can be a few different combinations each one the same, or completely different effects for each combination u choose. U would be unable to trade the end result weapon however u should be able to sell the rare weapons the final weapon requires, we could also add some rare and common materials needed for the combinations, or the weapons plus like a globe of light, globe of darkness, globe of blood kinda thing which would decide its final design

Why this is a good idea

People who play Guld Wars would love this because both PvE players who prefer to complete the campaigns and do lots of missions and elite missions aswell as collecting as much rare items as the go along with the PvPers who love to destroy people and endevour to become to most powerful and skillful player and anyone else who just plays the game these weapon chains would help attract and keep many many players happy aswell as helping them become a social part of the game as they help and use other peoples help to gain these awetacular weapons -->

If You wish to discuss this with me preferably Guild Wars designers and ask my opinion on what these weapons would look like email me on