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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

Fix Gold Selling issues(Discussion)

Here are a few suggestions to help fix Gold Selling/Buying:

  • Disallow trade for a week after character creation.
  • Also, make it so when you drop itmes in explorable areas, no one can pick it up but the person who droped it, so drop trading wont occur.
Why this is a good idea
  •   It is the most probable way to end gold trading crap
  •   This can hurt Gold Sellers and help bring stability to the economy
Why it may not work out
  •   It'd be extremely annoying to everyone other than gold sellers.
  •   You'll lose a load of the community due to being pathetic, exactly as Jagex did with their piece of crap RS.
  •   It's not clear why either of the measures would impact gold selling. The first suggestion just requires gold sellers/buyers to wait a week. The second wouldn't stop bots from farming.
  •   why not just ban gold sellers? seriously, what if 1 of my friends wants 2 give me some money 4 my new char? is that a crime?