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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

Guild/alliance noticeboard

A space in the guild hall where guild members can stick up announcements and messages. Visually, it could appear like an actual noticeboard, and the text of messages would be displayed when you rest your mouse cursor on them.

Why this is a good idea
  • Easier to get information out to people about guild rules, Vent, website, etc. More space than the "guild announcement" message currently allows.
  • Democratic -- allows members to make their own announcements (including lfg or wts), not just officers.
  • Guild bonding / community development.
  • Could be used in a number of interesting ways. Leaving messages for people to look at later. Posting results of various votes...
  • Potentially helping Guilds who do not have a forum or websites to communicate better.
  • Allowing players who don't have forum or website to be able to function properly as if they have forums and website.
Why it may not work out
  • Programming difficulties.
  • Good guilds already have their own newsgroups/forum websites, and a simple noticeboard could be no substitute.
  • Don't see why this is not do-able.