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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

Guild Banks(Discussion)

Having a guild bank is beneficial for a number of reasons. One is of course, being able to store money. But there is also the fact that members get credit for donating money. The money can only be used for guild purposes and cannot be withdrawn. This is to aviod scams. So, lets say only had enough money to pay for 1/2 of an npc, he can put half in the bank and some members can help pay for it. However, only the leader can choose what to buy with the money.

Why this is a good idea
  •  Gives members credit for loyalty to guilds
  •  Safe, scam-free way to safe money for an NPC, tavern, cape, or to customize the guild hall
  • this is a good idea but they should make the guild leader to make the members or officers able to withdraw money or stuff instead of members guild jumping and stealing money.
Why it may not work out
  •  An Unscrupulous guild leader can exploit noobs, kick you all , and sell the guild when the coffers are full. And there are players like that that take advantage of new players. For example, one of fellow guild members had to pay 1k a day to be in the guild. Some people might say the player should not have accepted that. But keep in mind that a lot of gw players are new and they don't know better. << Same thing right as right now. A leader could just as easily kick everyone when all the NPCs are bought
  •  ^^^only a moron would do that, why would a guild leader wanna kick all his members once the npc are bought? the point of a guild is to have members hence no guild leader would kick members who are loyal bc he would need to recruit again, the person who thought of that is a complete dimwit who smokes too much weed

I think the idea of a guild bank is an execellent idea. The guild I am in now has a second account that is used for many items to be stored as well as gold. These items are contributed by ANY member who "chooses" to add to it, so in essence dont give it if your gonna miss it. These items and/or gold are used for when members are in the need. However something like this could prove to be a difficult task in trying to add this to the game. Even though I think it would be an EXCELLENT idea!! :) The leader and officers should be able to access it. If I were gonna try and add something like this I think I would need to make it so maybe 2 people have to remove the items. I'm not really sure how you could protect the leader from kicking everyone and taking all the items and gold. However, I've not personally come accross any people in GW that would do something like that. It's really not that easy to build a guild and keep your members.