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Guild Wars 2 Suggestions

Minions without degeneration (Discussion)

I know that a lot of people wouldn't like the idea by itself, but I have a suggestion for it: Normally every kind of spirit, golem or shrek get lost after some time. When I looking at the shreks it looks normal, because they are composed out of magic and that resource of energy is limited to them. But golems and spirits are a bit other: Golems have a solid body after the summoning, but no soul (so it is an animated body) and spirits are souls bounded in that world without a body. I think, it would be nice if they would stay as long as you can "effort" it with your energy - the being stays, but you loose one energy regeneration. ATM in GW1 if the nec. dies, the minions of him go on rampage to everything around them and stay stable (as it seems), so it looks a bit wierd to me, that the have a life decrease when they are bound to a master!

Why this is a good idea
  •   Golems and Spirits would be better minions and would be alot more useful
  •   It wouldn't inlfuence that much the game balance (casting minions isn't expensive if you know how)
Why it may not work out
  •   Some will cry, that it would be unfair (not if you loose energy regen for it)
  •   If someone has 4 or more spirits or minions, he cant do anything else than wait until something dies.

Sure, don't know other reasons why it wouldn't work