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"Tannecks" concept art.jpg

I have to say, I love this concept art of the Tannecks that were supposed to be in GW Utopia. They just look so perfect as enemies that I think it would be a crime to let this one go to waste, so why not use thier image in GW2? It's a pretty simple suggestion, I just want to be able to killl an enemy who looks like this in the next game. Personally, I think they look a little like messed up Charr, so you could use this as concept art for Charr who have been twisted by the dragon.

Why this is a good idea
  • We're going to need lots of enemies for GW2; why let a good concept go to waste?
Why it may not work out
  • They do resemble the Charr, so if the devs already have thier hearts set on a different design for the twisted Charr units, including the Tannecks seperatly could be confusing.
  • Looks too much like a charr, could become part of charr section though.