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Info-Logo.png Note: As of September 2, 2009 this page is no longer active. If you have suggestions for Guild Wars skills please go to Feedback:Main to learn how to submit suggestions that ArenaNet can use.

Critical Strikes

Kalas' Issue -- 04:44, 2 October 2008 (UTC)


Ok. Critical strikes is a great attribute for energy management at times. It requires investment, which is good, and it isn't guaranteed, which keeps it from being infinite energy. However, when used in conjunction with non-dagger weapons, it becomes broken at times (critscythe anyone?). My idea is to change this attribute to make it more desirable to dagger assassins, while hopefully ending some of the abuse. Also contained is a suggestion for a slight change to daggers themselves.
For Daggers- Increase their max damage by 2 or 3 points. It'd be nice if we were closer to doing wand damage.
For Critcal Strikes- have it increase the critical hit multiplier FOR DAGGERS. As of now, it is a flat Square Root of 2. Having critical strikes scale the critical multiplier would greatly improve daggers, since their damage is extremely lackluster right now. I would suggest making it scale by adding .025 to the critical hit modifier for daggers for each point in critical strikes. Finally, make the critical chance increase apply only to daggers, while allowing the energy return on crit to continue to function with all weapons. This slightly weakens crit____ builds, because now they are forced even more to take certain skills on their bar in order to function. (Daggers bolded at numerous points to get my point across)

AAD's issue

  • same as above
  • suggestion, make dagger dmg increase by 1, for each point in crit strikes, along with the energy gain, this will bring daggers, to 23-33(sq root of 2)=46 max dmg with a crit hit, this will make daggers usefull auto attacking, (locust fury anyone) and will make assissin chains much stronger, but it may cause too powerful of spikes. possibly crit strikes could be made so that they are (max dmg X Sq root of 2)-(lower range dmg)-average dmg+1.5(max dmg), this would make daggers 30 dmg on crit hit, but sycthes would be 70, up from 57, meaning sycthes would need a rebalance, possibbly reducing dmg to 19-33(51 dmg on crit) but increasing possible targets hit to 4 or 5,

this allows dervishes powerful scythes to be brought in line with hammers, and increases daggers base damage, allowing them to outdeal wands OMFG! Annoying And Deadly 23:07, 4 October 2008 (UTC)