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Lift Enchantment Lift Enchantment

Vili's Issue -- 06:53, 1 December 2008 (UTC)


Touch-range conditional enchant removal, which isn't even tied to Deadly Arts, is unused and unloved. Better options are readily available. Has great synergy with Expertise and Shock. >.< Assassin secondary is usually taken by - surprise! - casters, and few of those such builds do knockdown, let alone at touch range.
Increase to spellcasting range, or even half-range. It should probably become a Spell with 3/4 activation, though, for the same reasons that Entangling Asp is a spell. (i.e. to have some faint hope of countering it with Guilt...err...I it synergizes with Glyph of Lesser Energy!) Alternatively, pull a Changed skill functionality... 10e, 3 activation, 20 recharge. Target touched foe loses 1...3 enchantments. If that foe was knocked down, this skill activates 50...300% faster. (Tweak the numbers for balance. Either way it needs some sort of change.)

MA Anathe's Issue 07:59, 1 December 2008 (UTC)


As above, Lift Enchantment has no real redeeming qualities. In any situation where non-elite enchantment removal is a must on an Assassin's bar, Expunge Enchantments has more power and utility within the profession. In terms of secondaries, as Vili noted, there are many less conditional options.
Minor Tweak
10e, 1/4th cast, 12 recharge. Skill. "Target touched foe loses 1 enchantment. If that foe was knocked down, that foe loses 0+(X/8) additional enchantments."
Moderate Tweak
5e, 1/4th cast, 12 recharge. Enchantment Spell. "If target foe is knocked down, that foe loses 1 enchantment. If an enchantment was removed this way, you gain 40+(3X) health."
Major Change
10e, 1/4th cast, 20 recharge. Skill. "If target touched foe is knocked down, that foe loses 1 enchantment. If an enchantment was removed this way, you gain that enchantment for 40+(3X)% of its duration."
The first tweak grants Lift Enchantment the unconditional utility it needs to see play, with an extra reward if you jump through the hoops. The second tweak offers more survivability in the Deadly Arts line, akin to Sadist's Signet. The final suggestion is highly flavorful ("Lift" also means "to steal" in English slang.) and fun, although questionably feasible. It's what most people wished Inspired Enchantment/Revealed Enchantment could have been, more or less, pre-Signet of Illusions