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Yes Lunatic Court Finery Dye Bug for Male Dervish

Costume: Lunatic Court Finery

Issue: The Lunatic Court Finery costume does not dye for the male dervish. The costume will accept dye and the inventory icon will change colour, however the armour does not change colour.
How to fix: Make it so that the Male Dervish's version of the Lunatic Court Finery costume dyes like every other profession and gender.
Additional info:

Supposedly fixed in the October 25, 2010 update. --Silver Edge 02:53, 27 October 2010 (UTC)

Charrslayer Shield design bug

Reported 3 years ago to Emily, but never fixed: User_talk:Emily_Diehl/Bug_archive_2#Charrslayer_shield.

Shield: Charrslayer Shield

Charrslayer Shield.jpgCharrslayer Shield.png
Issue: The shield is missing the entire front of the design. You can see where the "horns" are supposed to go, in the hollow horn-shaped grooves in the center and on the sides. The icon looks very different from the equipped item. Looks like it would have been a cool shield, if it was finished.
How to fix: Find the design in the icon and match it to the equipped item.
Additional info: none