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Glass Arrows Glass Arrows: Changed functionality to: "Preparation. For 24 seconds, your arrows inflict Bleeding (3...21...25 seconds) if they hit. If they are blocked, they deal 5...41...50 Slashing damage to your target and adjacent foes and inflict Bleeding (3...21...25 seconds) instead.

Dual Shot Dual Shot: Decreased recharge to 5, changed functionality to: "Bow Attack Skill. Shoot an arrow to target foe and up to 1 nearby foe. These arrows deal 25% less damage."

Forked Arrow Forked Arrow: Changed functionality to: Bow Attack Skill. Deals +1...9...11 damage. You also shoot an arrow at up to 1 nearby foe if you're not under the effect of an Enchantment or Hex.


  • Skills that make Rangers deal extra damage have no place on them and inevitably results in builds such as R-spike and spiky meta's.
  • These skills have been changed into skills that fit better in the normal Ranger spectrum. Since they are the most important skills in the Ranger spike builds, it's mandatory that they are changed.
  • If needed, other skills can be changed as well.