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  • Add fancy titles that doesn't count towards GWAMM.
  • Call them achievements and make them account wide.
  • Add a New Tab in Hero [H] window.
  • Let users display an achivement instead of a title.

Ideas for Achievements[edit]

  • Monk Master : Win 1000 PvP matches as a monk.
  • <profession> Master : Win 1000 PvP matches as a <profession>. (includes SD, GvG, RA, HA, FA, JQ)
  • Slayer of Elephants : Kill 1000 Elephants.
  • Slayer of <Family> : Kill 1000 <Family>.
  • Slayer of Ogres : Kill 1000 Ogres.
  • Slayer of <Creature type> : Kill 1000 <Creature type>.