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After the Elementalist update the ranger update is likly to be being brainstormed. The issue with rangers is that their damage is terrible, but if increased may cause a rebirth of the ranger spike. My idea is to alter the functionality of the preparations which are unique to rangers.

Choking Gas Choking Gas 15e Preparation. (1...10...12 seconds.) +5...11...12 damage. Spreads Choking Gas to foes adjacent to target. Choking Gas interrupts skills. Increases it use and damage, but still isnt maintainable without practised stance

Disrupting Accuracy Disrupting Accuracy 10e Preparation. (24 seconds.) Interrupts an action whenever your arrows critical. Increases critical hit chance by 5...16...20%. Brings the duration into the same as other preparations, adds a critical chance to increase its effect

Ignite Arrows Ignite Arrows 15e Preparation. (24 seconds.) Your arrows deal 3...15...18 fire damage to target and foes adjacent to target. Causes burning for 0...1...2 seconds. By adding a burning affect it has increased damage over kindle arrows but at a higher energy cost, and does not alter your attack type and so cannot work with a conjure.

Melandru's Arrows Melandru's Arrows 20e Elite Preparation. (1...15...18 seconds.) Your arrows inflict Bleeding condition (3...21...25 seconds) and remove 1 enchantment. Removal affect: +8...24...28 damage. Enchantment removal would give rangers another utility option, however the skills is an elite and non maintainable

Rapid Fire Rapid Fire 10e Preparation. (5...21...25 seconds.) You attack 15% slower while wielding a bow, but fire 2 arrows with each attack. Rangers have plenty of IAS options, and this affect would be more unique and have differing skill synergies

Kindle Arrows Kindle Arrows 10e Preparation. (24 seconds.) +3...18...20 damage. Your arrows deal fire damage. Lower damage but the bonus packet is armour ignoring giving it more use in PvE

Barbed Arrows Barbed Arrows 10e Preparation. (36 seconds.) Your arrows inflict Bleeding condition (3...13...15 seconds). You have -40 armor while activating this skill. Increased duration to compensate for a weak condition

Expert Focus Expert Focus 5e Preparation. (24 seconds.) Your bow attack skills do +1...8...10 damage and have a +5...20...25% increased critical chance. Allows for assasins to more easily use bow skills, allows for greater damage without affecting normal attacks

Glass Arrows Glass Arrows(PvE) Elite Preparation. (10...30...35 seconds.) Your arrows shatter on impact dealing 9...21...25 damage to adjacent foes. Inflicts Bleeding condition to target (1...8...10 seconds).

--Frizz Meister 23:12, 12 January 2012 (UTC)