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Focused Shot Focused Shot 5 Energy0 Activation time2 Recharge time Bow Attack. The only thing, that needs to be changed, is the annoying effect of disabling also pet attacks, additionally to own attack skills. This is really annoying if you want to play your ranger wielding a bow and using an animal companion. I don't know why pet attacks are also considered as own attack skills, but that is definetly wrong.

Needling Shot Needling Shot 5 Energy¾ Activation time4 Recharge time Bow Attack. Disabling other attack skills - no matter for how long - is totally sensless in pve. That effect must be removed for pve, since there is no good reason to keep that the way it is right now. Ok for pvp, but not for pve.

Power Shot Power Shot 15 Energy¾ Activation time4 Recharge time Bow Attack. Target foe gets +10...30...35 damage. 10% armor penetration.

Or another option would be:

Power Shot Power Shot 10 Energy0 Activation time6 Recharge time Bow Attack. Target foe gets +10...22...25 damage. Inflicts Cracked Armor for 5...17...20 seconds.

Quite frankly: In its current form, for pve that skill is just ridiculous. The skill is in no way a justification to its name. For me personally there are 2 options: either increasing the damage significantly or adding an condition, e.g. Cracked Armor (which I think would be rational. Just imagine you'll get hit by an arrow with full force...if that doesn't inflict at least!! one condition (e.g. Deep Wound, Cracked Armor), then what is it supposed to inflict?

Rapid Fire Rapid Fire 5 Energy2 Activation time12 Recharge time Preparation. 5...21...25 seconds. You attack 33% faster while wielding a bow and your arrows will deal +3...9...10 damage.

I think that preparation is less attractive for rangers due to the fact, that it only has one effect and is missing a secondary . Compared to other preparations like Expert Focus Expert Focus and Read the Wind Read the Wind, which both have in addition to their primary effect the secondary effect of dealing more damage, Rapid Fire Rapid Fire is missing a secondary. That makes those preparations more attractive then Rapid Fire Rapid Fire.

Beast Mastery[edit]

Rampage as One Rampage as One 15 Energy0 Activation time10 Recharge time Elite Skill. 5...21...25 seconds. You and your pet attack 33% faster and move 25% faster. No effect unless your pet is alive.

This elite skill should have been changed for pve long time ago, since the introduction of separate skills for pve and pvp. And everybody knows that. It's a shame, that skill is still untouched. The problem is obvious: way to high energy cost compared to the little duration.

Ferocious Strike Ferocious Strike 5 Energy0 Activation time8 Recharge time Elite pet attack. Deals +10...26...30 damage. You gain 1...3...3 strikes of adrenaline and 3...9...10 energy.

I think it is a little bit poor, to gain only 1 strike of adrenaline, independant from the Beast Mastery attribute level. The gain of adrenaline strikes should be just a little bit more and depending on the level of the attribute. Also slightly more damage, just a little bit.

Bestial Fury Bestial Fury 10 Energy0 Activation time10 Recharge time and Tiger's Fury Tiger's Fury 10 Energy0 Activation time10 Recharge time Stance. 5...13...15 seconds. You attack 33% faster. Your non-attack skills are disabled (5 seconds).

For the cost of 10 energy and for the justification of the skill names, it is necessary, to increase the attack spead to 33%, also slightly the duration. There should be no problems in pve with that.

No Attribute[edit]

Quick Shot Quick Shot 5 Energy1 Activation time1 Recharge time Elite Bow Attack. Moved to Marksmanship. You shoot an arrow that moves twice as fast and deals +1...8...10 damage. >>> decreased the damage to +1...8...10 for better balance since the former increase was too strong.


For god's sake, the ranger spirits need finally a change in pve, like the ritualist got their spirits changed. Less activation time and less recast. Everybody knows, that 3 or more seconds are way too long to set up any spirit and 45 seconds or more are too long for a recharge. Give the spirits an activation time of 3/4 or 1 second and a recast of 30 or 45 seconds. Example: Favorable Winds Favorable Winds 5 Energy¾ Activation time30 Recharge time. With the changes of activation time and recharge, rangers will be able to set up their nature ritual almost before and in every battle.


The ranger doesn't need an overall alteration or renovation. He's fine the way he is, just needs a few skill changes. Personally, I'd like to see more possibilities of rangers, wielding their primary weapon AND taking a pet with them, while still being effective in combat. But it is hardly possible in GW1, to set up an effective and working ranger build, which combines the usage of a bow AND also a pet. There are really not a lot of skills (I think there are none at all), that provide a good synergy between bow skills and a pet or pet attacks. And this is something, that needs to be changed, both, in marksmanship skills and beast mastery skills. The changes are no big ones, wouldn't dramatically affect the pve, but are necessary. At least I am considering them as necessary and important, especially the changes on spirits (which will hopefully come soon) and also on skills like Power Shot Power Shot and Rampage as One Rampage as One.