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Currently, Prophecies is the only campaign without Challenge Missions. The Tombs of the Primeval Kings are an area with no real 'purpose'. No missions, no quests, no dungeon... just stuff to kill and the chance of a green drop at the end.


Turn tombs into Prophecies challenge mission by doing things like the following ones:

  • Turning one of the 'purposeless' NPCs there into a Challenge Mission record keeper. It will record the scores. I won't enter much into score calculation, but I think that counting fastest times and less deaths could be a good starting point.
  • Since the area is entered by the portal, the mission starter is not required, but one of the existing NPC would be turned into a 'mission host', giving hints and tips about the challenge (just like Captain Lo Fah in Dragon's Gullet).
  • Adding Quest log objectives while inside the mission. The mission would be similar to Glint's Challenge, with a clearly-defined objective that ends the mission once fulfilled, instead other challenges that can be continued as long as you can.
  • Moving all the drops from the end-bosses into a new Reward chest, that will spawn one drop per player (two in HM).
  • Maybe a new reward in the chest other than the green drops could be added there, it would be a nice bonus, even better if it was unique.
  • Anything something else new in Tombs would be very good and even more welcomed too, of course. Things like a new weapon skin always attract people at least for a while, even when it's just one.
  • A statue for the HoM would be out of the question unless statues are added for completing the other challenges too (either one for all, for each campaign or for each one). It would be unfair for just one of the challenges to have a statue.
  • It is not necessary, but the outpost icon could also be changed into a different one to note the challenge mission outpost. Maybe a icon similar to the red Arena and green Guild Hall icons but with a different color. Probably gray or blue. The same icon could be used for the Central Transfer Chamber, and since Challenge missions appear market when the map is zoomed out, it would also help locate the chamber in the map.
  • And, of course, some of the enemies inside would be updated to match all professions, not just the 5 of the core ones. I think that Making Fingers of Chaos (the main issue in here) have effects for all 10 professions should be enough.