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End Game[edit]

From what i have read abroad there is a lot of concern with what has been announced so far as 'end game content' for both pve and pvp. Further from all the official comments i gather that end game content as released so far will be the exploration of the world/DE's, unlocking traits and armor/weapon styles to hone your characters look (i get the impression Anet is shying away from raiding/PVP for gear improvements). (And yes im another former WOW player who now needs an MMO to fill the whole left when devs flushed the game with expansions, that being said I dont seem to be alone and WOW did do many things right in the beginning (hence successful sales))

But back to the issue - PVP end game (PVE'ers can have their own say on what they think is necessary). While GW2 is looking to shape up as the next big MMO on the block Im worried about stagnation especially in PVP. Roleplaying, exploration, aesthetic improvements and acheivements/minigames are great for a while but i figure most players will do most of this as they level - i know i will. Once players have unlocked the majority of traits or a selection of their favorites there really is no incentive to PVP (once the initial fun wears off even FPS games are employing some kind of advancement system nowadays for some form of progression)

My suggestions[edit]

I appreciate that Anet wants to make the game so that casual players can match hardcore gamers for the most part but there needs to be some form of rewards system. (Ill use WOW here as an example as its what myself and most others are familiar with) WOW had a number of various systems at different times which worked to a variety of degrees.

Types of rewards systems[edit]

Ranked gameplay: From what i hear WvWvW will give bonuses to winning worlds as well as prestige, hopefully ranking for smaller organised games (similar to WOW's arena system) will also be available with the teams on the server receiving rewards based on their ranking

Objective based: Ive seen suggestions of loot-able enemies but other options such as scalable chests/tokens for taking valuable strategic points in WvWvW or rewards for completing X objectives (point captures etc)

Attendance based: You enter or win X amount of battles in battleground Y

Reward Types[edit]

Major rewards

Tokens - As have been mentioned in some places for dungeons/objectives of DE's. Tokens could be used to purchase any of the below for participation in major WvWvW assaults/vitories at strategic points

Titles - Fairly self explanatory, you do something great in pvp or your team ranks highly they get a title to put in their name (conqueror etc) - I feel like this is in line with the direction Anet is taking with create a story toons so that other players can see "wow hes a conqueror" these are good major rewards which dont affect gameplay

Gear enhancements - minor stat buffs or effects to weapons/armor (Eg from the simple +1 to vitality, to a trait like increase/decrease in daze duration to chance on hits to minor slows/life steal effects this can expand on the customisation of a build. NB If Anet so wishes all such enhancements could be kept minor to ensure while hardcore gamers get a small edge over casual gamers that this system doesn't go in the direction of WOW (I have good gear you don't - i win)

Evolving gear - A very good idea imo which i cant take credit for that your weapon/armor should evolve to your play style - "For example, Jeni the ranger makes it a point to interrupt all spell casters in any enemy groups that her party encounters. Her old Ascalon longbow begins to "learn" from her tactics and after enough successful interrupts, gains the "Magebane" attribute that increases dazed duration by 10%" - again i feel this is in line with the direction Anet is taking on GW2 where every toon can be individual and create a name/legend for themselves ie. "there goes Conqueror Musashi, did you see his sword 'Longsword the magebane'?"

Traits - PVP exclusive minor traits tailor designed to aid players for pvp only or, similar to gear evolution, improvements on current traits (eg. major warrior axe trait gives +20% crit - reward could be and extra 1% crit)

Gear/weapons - A good system in wow though such systems tend create large balance gaps between casual and hardcore players - Anet seems to be shying away from it at this stage, for better or worse well have to wait and see

Minor rewards

Minipets - Fairly self explanatory, players will do most things to get a cool looking minipet - but usually this goes overboard (eg WOW becoming a minipet zoo) but they are good mini rewards which dont affect gameplay

Aesthetic unlocks - Unlock new armor looks/look enhancements for old armor (glows etc) - Again I feel this is more in line with how the game seems to be going (complete story/character customisation)

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