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Faction's state of PvP has to be in it's most interesting time. In a game where PvP is dying, in arenas such as Heroes Ascent, Guild vs Guild, and most certainly Codex Arena, Guild War's PvP is becoming very, very limited. In Factions, however, we see FA, JQ, and Alliance Battles hanging around. While Alliance Battles is slowly dying, it is clear that something must be done to the PvP system in this game. It does not revolve around skill updates, or buffs, but a whole new system of mechanics. For this, I will be discussing AB primarily, and how to maximize its potential and how to attract new coming players to Factions' PvP. If this is accomplished, then Guild Wars PvP will be revived in this area that has proved over 60 months how resilient it is.

Its Current State and Why it MUST be Changed[edit]

Franikly put, the game is getting OLD! It has rarily seen any updates and has become very reptitive to many. Like ArenaNet does to many aspects of the game, they liven it up, balance it, and new aspect to make it more enjoyable.

Everyday, besides on the AB weekends, and the few days after, we see Ancestral Lands nonstop. It has been this way since early 2008, and arguably late 2007. After three years of Ancestral Lands, many people became tired of AB. Some players that I knew (as I was once very active in the AB community) went to Kurzick side to see if this was just some sort of glitch for the reason behind why it was always on AL (Ancestral Lands). When they were playing on that side, rather on the sidelines in the (literal) Luxon Armada, they soon come to find out that it was not a glitch, but the player side itself. The lobby was deserted besides a few AFKers. Those who did play were that of a very low, unacceptable quality. From bringing PvE skills, to non-maxed armor, the Kurzick side saw its worst players in a very long time. What we had was an uneven side, and with the unadvantaged side with a minimal player base. It has since recovered slightly from this, with having the European players still somewhat active, but during American times, there is nobody there. Why is it like this? Because of how uneven the player side was, and a map that has been played constantly for the longest times. In this page, I offer ArenaNet an investment, a way to fix this and how to attract more players to this aspect of Guild Wars that is most glorious.

AB's New Deal[edit]

I will keep it as brief as possible, but with the most vital information. This new deal is centered around four different fields. Map Rotations, Environmental Effects to expand on map preference, Shrine Updates, and Rewards. Also, please note that anything stated can be subject to change, thank you.

Map Rotations[edit]

A potential change in - or perhaps an addition to - the way map rotations are handled. Its method and prerequisite values are, of course, subject to discussion and revision.

The proposed system describes that the map "clock" system would be changed to a 4 hour cycle (i.e. 6 periods over 24 hours) intertwined with an "arms race." The map shifts after each period if the "arms race" requirements have not been met with the simple purpose of warding off stagnation.

The "arms race" subsystem has the following mechanics: Whichever faction achieves 70 wins (subject to change; it should be a function of the number of people and/or number of simultaneous games being played on the server - a large amount of games being played should mean a higher win cap to keep time spent on maps reasonable) first triggers a map change and moves that faction further into opposing territory, regardless of whether or not 4 hours has passed. If this occurs, there is a grace period (to be determined - 15 minutes, 30 minutes, until the timer completes the 4-hour cycle, etc.) that prevents either faction from amassing wins toward the 70 win goal. Players may still join a game during this period, acquiring faction, but a win will not register on this counter. It should allow players enough time to exit from their games, regroup, and change builds.

However, if neither faction gets to 70 wins, then after the four hour interval whichever faction has the most wins will advance to the next map. (e.g. If Luxons have more wins, they advance further into Kurzick territory, and vice versa if Kurzicks have more wins.) In addition, after every GuildWars build update, it will restart the counter and reset the map back to the neutral, center map: Saltspray Beach.

Game Mechanics: Environmental Effects[edit]

This proposal includes a change in the way each territory is handled; that is, adding a more conrete method of balance and reward for both sides through specific "buffs" to each team dependent on the map being played. This proposal will offer a more proactive way to move teams along the maps, which should be centered around Saltspray regardless of player imbalances. These buffs will not be too large, rather they will entice the homeland faction to get the opposing team out of their territory (the further a faction is pushed toward their side, the stronger the buff becomes) without being too difficult for the opposing faction to advance.

Luxon Fervor in Kanaai Canyon (LUXONS ONLY)[edit]

Environmental Effect. All Luxon players gain +15 armor, move 10% faster, and deal 5% more damage

Kurzick Defiance in Ancestral Lands (KURZICKS ONLY)[edit]

Environmental Effect. All Kurzick players gain +15 armor, move 10% faster, and deal 5% more damage

Luxon Fortitude in Etnaran Keys (LUXONS ONLY)[edit]

Environmental Effect. All Luxon players gain +10 armor, and move 10% faster.

Kurzick Vitality in Grenz Frontier (Kurzicks ONLY)[edit]

Environmental Effect. All Kurzick players gain +10 armor, and move 10% faster.

Call To Arms in Saltspray Beach/Universal[edit]

Environmental Effect. All players move 5% faster, and deal 5% more damage. Note: This map is the neutral, center map, so both teams get the bonus. The bonus is to make this map the "centerpiece of the war"; in other words, it is to create a volatile and explosive environment that shifts players around in the great faction war.

Also, this buff will be given to any enemy players in a homeland territory. For example, if the Kurzicks are fighting at Kaanai Canyon, they will recieve this buff while the Luxons recieve Luxon Fervor.

Shrine Updates[edit]

Another aspect of Alliance Battles that needs to be amended is the NPCs. Specificly their skills, which foster a boring type of gameplay that isn't immersive. Replacement with viable skills maintains a laid-back style while presenting a more challenging, visceral experience.

Kurzick/Luxon Ranger

Glass Arrows.jpg
Sundering Attack.jpg
Savage Shot.jpg
Lightning Reflexes.jpg
Zojun's Haste.jpg
Troll Unguent.jpg

Kurzick/Luxon Warrior 1

Sever Artery.jpg
Dragon Slash.jpg
Sun and Moon Slash.jpg
Tiger Stance.jpg
Healing Signet.jpg

Kurzick/Luxon Warrior Alternative

Whirling Axe.jpg
Disrupting Chop.jpg
Tiger Stance.jpg
Shield Bash.jpg
Healing Signet.jpg

Kurzick/Luxon Mesmer

Shared Burden.jpg
Conjure Nightmare.jpg
Cry of Frustration.jpg
Leech Signet.jpg
Power Drain.jpg

Kurzick/Luxon Necromancer

Soul Bind.jpg
Weaken Armor.jpg
Enfeebling Blood.jpg
Parasitic Bond.jpg
Strip Enchantment.jpg

Kurzick/Luxon Elementalist

Lightning Surge.jpg
Lightning Orb.jpg
Teinai's Wind.jpg
Shock Arrow.jpg
Blinding Flash.jpg
Air Attunement.jpg

Kurzick/Luxon Monk

Healing Burst.jpg
Jamei's Gaze.jpg
Shielding Hands.jpg
Reversal of Fortune.jpg
Remove Hex.jpg

Kurzick Ritualist

Soul Twisting.jpg
Spirit Boon Strike.jpg

Shrine Composition[edit]

Elite NPCs no longer exist, such that each shrine has the following number of NPCs.

Elite Ranger Shrine[edit]
  • 2x Kurzick/Luxon Rangers
  • 1x Kurzick/Luxon Monk
Elite Warrior Shrine[edit]
  • 2x Kurzick/Luxon Warriors
  • 1x Kurzick/Luxon Monk
Elite Elementalist Shrine[edit]
  • 2x Kurzick/Luxon Elementalists
  • 1x Kurzick/Luxon Monk
Resurrection Shrine[edit]
  • 2x Kurzick/Luxon Monks
Resurrection Orb Shrine[edit]
  • 2x Kurzick/Luxon Monks
Attack Shrine[edit]
  • 1x Kurzick/Luxon Warrior
  • 1x Kurzick/Luxon Ranger
  • 1x Kurzick/Luxon Ritualist
Elemental Defense Point[edit]
  • 2x Kurzick/Luxon Mesmers
  • 1x Kurzick/Luxon Elementalist
Melee Defense Point[edit]
  • 2x Kurzick/Luxon Necromancers
  • 1x Kurzick/Luxon Mesmer
Equipment Station[edit]
  • 1x Kurzick/Luxon Necromancer
  • 1x Kurzick/Luxon Mesmer
  • 1x Kurzick/Luxon Ritualist
Saltspray Dragon Roost[edit]
  • Saltspray Dragon Hatchling
Double Dragon.jpg
Teinai's Heat.jpg
Breath of Fire.jpg
User Vincent E V A N Dragon's Flight.jpg
User Vincent E V A N Dragon's Vigor.jpg
  • 1x Luxon Elementalist
  • 1x Luxon Monk

The Saltspray Dragon Hatchling[edit]

These are his monster skills, an update suited for a true dragon. What we want from this is enforce teamplay in a 12v12 arena. We want this dragon to be a formidable foe where either A: one team will focus their damage on that, or B: make Saltspray Beach revolve around capping the center shrine.

Dragon's Flight
(user skill)

Stance. Teleport to target foe and all adjacent foes, knocking them down. For 3 seconds, your spells cast 100% faster.

Concise description

Stance. Teleport and knock down target foe and all adjacent foes. Your spells cast 100% faster. (3 seconds)

Dragon's Vigor
(user skill)

Enchantment Spell. For 30 seconds, you gain 50% of energy back from spells you cast and gain +5 Health regeneration.

Concise description

Enchantment Spell. (30 seconds) Gain 50% of energy back from spells you cast. Gain +5 Health regeneration.

These are rough skill implementations which, like everything, are subject to change. Just like before, the Hatchling can be taken from its shrine and follow a person, putting focus on the shrine and making it a strategic position to acquire.


Many players stick solely to JQ or FA because of its speed and how much faction they get per win. Alliance Battles is very low in comparison. To promote competitiveness, a more substancial reward is proposed to make Alliance Battles more worthwhile and enjoyable.

Saltspray Beach[edit]

Kills yeild: 15 Kurzick/Luxon faction. 15 Balthazar faction.

The winning team, either Kurzick and Luxon, will be awarded an additional 1500 Kurzick/Luxon faction and an additional 1000 Balathazar Faction from what is currently awarded. (Thus, a total 3000 Kurzick/Luxon faction and 1000 Balthazar faction.)

Etnaran Keys/Grenz Frontier[edit]

Kills yeild: 20 Kurzick/Luxon faction for the teams in the opposition's map, base 15 for the territory's native players. 15 Balthazar faction.

Wins by a faction in the opposition's map awards an additional 1500 Kurzick/Luxon faction from the base amount on Saltspray Beach. (Thus, a total 4500 Kurzick/Luxon faction and 1000 Balthazar faction.)

Kanaai Canyon/Ancestral Lands[edit]

Kills yeild: 25 Kurzick/Luxon faction for the teams in the opposition's map, base 15 for the territory's native players. 15 Balthazar faction.

Wins by a faction in the opposition's map awards an additional 3000 Kurzick/Luxon faction and 250 Balthazar faction from the base amount on Saltspray Beach. (Thus, a total 6000 Kurzick/Luxon faction and 1250 Balthazar faction.)

An Additional Title: the AB Combat Title[edit]

Note: This section is NOT mandatory to my request, rather an idea that should have no inheret effect of whether or not you approve of this idea. This is not part of the main New Deal, but definitely a formidable change that could attract many players to the arena. Make points be per win, 1 point = 1 win. The ranks will be more militaristic, or tribal, depending which faction you are. A Kurzick title, for example, would be Kurzick Commander, while a Luxon may have Luxon Warlord. Here is a rough list of what they would be and how much it would take to obtain them.

1: Kurzick/Luxon Recruit - 10 Wins

2: Kurzick/Luxon Soldier - 20 wins

3: Kurzick Assassin/Luxon Saboteur - 40 wins

4: Kurzick Captain/Luxon Officer - 80 wins

5: Kurzick Senior Captain/Luxon Senior Officer - 160 wins

6: Kurzick Commander/Luxon Commander - 250 wins

7: Kurzick Templar/Luxon Warmonger - 350 wins

8: Kuzick Noble Templar/Luxon Savage Warmonger - 450 wins

9: Kurzick Brigadier/ Luxon War Captain - 560 wins

10: Kurzick General/Luxon Warlord - 670 wins

11: Kurzick Grandmaster General/Luxon Legendary Warlord - 890 wins

12: Kurzick Army Governor/Luxon Fabled Champion - 1,000 wins

An expansion to this AB-specific title could be the addition of specific, simple emotes. While this does not need to be implented right away, AB's own PvP title track will attract more PvPers and title hunters, thus giving AB a larger playerbase.


The goal of this suggestion was to breathe life into an old yet resilient system. Considering the removal of TA and the fixed skills of Codex, AB is the only low-level arena in which you can pick your team and what build your team will use. Such an arena deserves an advancement - a helpful, reinvigorating change. The overall goal of this change is to reform how AB's mechanics work. A system that I propose here will give players more of an incentive to play AB, and want to push into enemy territory. With that, AB will foster a system that has a "natural" pull to the neutral map.

As a note: Everything presented here is subject to discussion and revision. Feel free to comment. Thanks for reading, and happy GuildWarsing!