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Update - Friday March 3, 2006[edit]

Fixed the following newly introduced bugs:

  • The skill Bull's Charge was knocking down moving foes when used with any type of weapon, not only with melee weapons.
  • The skill Fevered Dreams was incorrectly spreading Conditions to allies of both the caster and target, rather than just enemies of the caster as specified in the skill description.
  • The skill Warrior's Endurance did not correctly match its description in the update notes.
  • Monsters were not responding to damage taken from the skill Balthazar's Aura.
  • Certain elite skills, such as Peace and Harmony and Blood is Power, could not be captured using a Signet of Capture.
  • Kepkhet Marrowfeast was neglecting to guard her nest.
  • The Party Window was periodically failing to display certain team allies such as Bodyguards.
  • The Skill Monitor was not correctly displaying skill interruption.