Guild:Axtion Axt Il (historical)

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Axtion Axt Il [AXT]
Guild Axtion Axt Il cape.jpg
Territory American
Language Portuguese
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members 99
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation
Time zone GMT -03:00

Axtion Axt II

Axtion Axt II is a brazilian big sized guild that has existed since 2007. We have a leader, but the rest are all officiers since we dont care of kicking members, promoting,etc... We are based on having fun without caring about points/rating. Axtion Axt II makes part of the Head Hunters alliance.(Luxon)


Since its an only brazilian guild, of course we only recruit brazilian people. We dont have any requirements, but we don't accept spammers/flammers. The main idea is to have fun so people seeking for GvG based guilds or something like that search for another guild. If you're interested in joining pm one of the members listed in the contact information.

Contact Information



In game: Chefinho Axt, Max Headwing(User:MaxHeadwing/Headwing), Papa Defunto, Bartinhus Br, Picchi Healer, Liza Br, Tonho Pereira...

Common Events

Underworld clean, FoW clean, vanquishes around all campaigns, helping new members, dual shivers/elona run, friendly scrimmages...

Head Hunters Alliance Alliance
Leader Head Hunters Alliance
Members Axtion Axt IlBrazilian Nemesis • Hack And Slashing • Ignis Vitae • Lotus Branca • Noto The South Wind • Pega Eles • The Death Blow TeamUnion Brazil