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Blood Knuckle Bandits [FTW]

Blood Knuckle Bandits FTW
Territory America
Language English
Leader Don Finnick
Type free-for-all
No. of members 3
Guild Hall Isle of the Dead

Blood Knuckle Bandits comprise of some of the toughest loners in all of Aschalon.

Blood Knuckle Bandits do all that they please. We have no faction, no rivals, no guild statement- nothing! All we want to do is play the game, and by that we mean, kick ass and take names no matter whose they are. Blood Knuckles are more focused about building individual characters than building squads or war parties. Blood Knuckle guildmates are just their to have someone to talk to while they slay the masses and loot treasure from all parts of the game.

Our motto is "For the Win!" (FTW)


Blood Knuckle Bandits are an exclusive guild for those who do not play as regularly and do not mind playing on their own. Blood Knuckles often like to roam around in hunting parties.

No requirement to join. Just ask, and then attend a hunting party with one of them. They'll extend an invitation if they think you're tough enough.

Contact information

Those interested in the guild should contact either Don Finnick (guild leader), Rally Madslash, or Vixie the Shadowfox.