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Disbanding As We Speak [Bye]

Disbanding As We Speak [Bye]
Guild Disbanding As We Speak cape.jpg
Territory US Based
Language English
Leader Laurie Buns
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 35
Guild Hall Isle of Meditation


Disbanding As We Speak [Bye] is a great guild founded by Laurie Buns and managed by close friends. We are a fun-loving, mature guild. We are only wishing to take in positive, respectful members to make for a better playing experience.

Our current members range in age and personality but get along really well. We have lots of people working on titles, others just interested in casual playing, and others most interested in farming and SCs. We enjoy this diversity and hope we continue to expand! The guild is friendly and helpful to one another, and will not tolerate other people putting down others in any way. We enjoy doing Elite Areas and working on our titles.

Disbanding As We Speak [Bye] has a cape, guild hall full of amenities, and are currently residing in an alliance, [AoL]. We are Kurzick.

We have a nice website/forums set up for our members located here: Guild Website


Happy birthday to [Bye] on January 19th!