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Fallen Dark Knights

Fallen Dark Knights [FDK]
Guild Fallen Dark Knights cape.jpg
Territory North America
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
Guild Hall Burning Isles
VoIP Ventrilo
Forums FDK Online

[FDK] is a PvE based guild that has recently jumped into the PvP Atmosphere. We currently do a lot of alliance battles and are interested in forming a group to compete in the Guild vs Guild monthly touraments eventually. [FDK] Strives to improve their abilities on a daily basis and will never put down another player, and are always willing to lend a hand when needed.

What We Do

  • PvP
    • Alliance Battles
  • PvE
    • HFFF
    • Domain of Anguish
    • The Deep
    • Urgoz
    • Under World
    • Slavers Exile
    • Fissure Of Woe
  • General PvE Missions/Dungeons and Quests

Guild Roster

  • Founder/Leader :
    • Dark Asclepius


We are currently looking for friendly mature and active players who have a competitive yet friendly and helpful outlook on the game.Interested players are welcome to message any of our listed Leaders/Officers for more information or online at our website FDK Online

Fallen Dark Knights Alliance
Leader Fallen Dark Knights
Members Unknown