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Family Of Killers [FoK]

Family Of Killers [FoK]
Guild Family Of Killers cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 30
Guild Hall Isle Of Wurms
VoIP Ventrilo
Webpage Homepage
Forums Same as website
Time zone All

Welcome to the Family Of Killers [FoK], we are fun layed back PvX guild! We go way back and we are currently in a alliance.



There is nothing needed to join apart from good will. We are very helpful. We have a maxed out Guild Hall, Whisper anyone to get more info and/or to join!

Contact information

Leader: Demi Dominatrix


Draco Griffin

B Positive





We cant have a great time without a few rules and everyone is ask to help pass them along and remind people the rules!!! thank you :)

1. no racist comments allowed!

2. don't swear in excess...too many curse words offends the ears and gaming experience!

3. don't jump anyones case for being new! a newb is what we all are or was so answer those questions and help a brother out! :)

4. no begging please! we all work hard for our own things and so should you!



8. No selling to guildies or allies at full price...half price unless they offer more...we are family here and we cut each other want more then sell somewhere else!!!

Also some guilds might want to set some of these rules for the officers of thier guilds as we seen that there are some needed in ours!

1. Please do not kick any members unless they break the rules of conduct after they have recieved a private warning once and then a second warning in alliance chat!

2. Please do not post on message board without first consulting leader

3. If there is no activity like recruiting,faction transfer or helping some members then they must be demoted to member!

4. no officer is allowed to make another officer without the approval of the leader and officers!

5. All officers must be an active member of website to be able to enforce rules to alliance and guildies and direct all alliance and guild members to website!

6. No officer will be made until one month into the guild and has shown to be helpful in one way or another and active! i.e. factions,recruiting or helping spread word of website and rules and helping members! officers must gain respect and be mature!!!

7. An officer will be demoted if they are gone for a week and promoted back when they return with a good excuse....not like i was playing another game, cause it only takes 1 min to log in and officers have responsibilities!

Sorry to have to enforce these rules but if officers have no responsibility then we all might as well be solo without a guild!!! and the guild and alliance will not grow and be as cool as it is!  :)

I will kick if i see no activity of some sort after a month unless you give me a good reason before hand like vacation or family emergency! Also i know everyone has a life, kids and jobs so If you cant reach me then post it on website...i read it everyday!!!

Note: The alliance is changing, for updated information on alliance contact any officer.

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FkrS Alliance
Leader FkrS
Members For more information on current guilds PM an Officer