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Les Affranchis [TyA]

Les Affranchis is a french guild, created around Guild Wars' release date in 2005. It was originally meant to be a strongly PvE-focused guild, with a strong 'roleplay' connotation. Most original players knew each other, having played Ragnarök Online for quite some time together.

This guild values freedom over all. This takes sense either in the Guild Wars world and in the original roleplay ideas of the characters - freethinkers from Tyria (hence the "Ty" part of the tag), or in the "real life" sense, meaning the members do not have to follow any schedule, and are bound by camaraderie more than a form of "allegiance". It also means that even if the guild has been founded in a roleplay spirit, players are in no way forced to speak 'in character' all the time. Actually, this doesn't happen much.

There is little PvP action going on, given the low number of players, but some of the members are often found in either the Random Arenas or the Team Arenas. This point might develop a bit if the number of PvP-active players increases.

Les Affranchis [TyA]
Guild Les Affranchis cape.jpg
Territory Europe
Leader Daeril Moriel
Arkania Astophen (founder)
Delphis Valmar
Faction Luxon
Type PvX
No. of members 4 Active, 8 Inactive
Guild Hall Isle of the Dead
Time zone GMT +2


Though not actively recruiting, Les Affranchis is always open to new members. Keep in mind that most players in this guild are casual, it isn't meant for competition. International members are accepted, but must speak a good english and be able to bear reading french - which could be a good way to learn it.

People who desire to join [TyA] just have to be laid-back and enjoy good company. This guild is peaceful and drama is discouraged. The only other requirements are a good language and an open mind; any other form of skill will be welcomed but is neither necessary nor revered.

If you're interested, see contact information below.

Contact information

For any information please contact the following member(s):


  • "Les Affranchis" could be translated to "The Free Ones"
  • It is also the french title for Scorcese's "Goodfellas"