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Monks Of Ice Nine [ICE][edit]

Monks Of Ice Nine [ICE]
Territory America
Language English
Leader Nature Loves Me
Faction Luxon
Type PvE
No. of members ~90
Guild Hall Isle of the Dead
VoIP Ventrilo
Time zone EST

ICE is ~2 years old. From the start it was focused on Monks only due to Monks being very powerful and wanted in all types of PvE.

We focus mainly on HM and very rarely due Normal Mode. The only things we really do in Normal Mode is Dungeons. Majority of the things we do revolve around Hard Mode titles more than farming. We also do FoW/UW on Hard Mode of course.


We recruit active players. You must have a Level 20 Monk and be an active farmer. You must be active. We enforce a 1 week inactivity policy. If you inform an officer that you are going away for a long period of time and wish to not be kicked, you will be added to what we like to call the "Land of Oz" List, meaning you can not get kicked because we are aware you are not capable of being on.

Contact information[edit]

Healing Guy Thing: Our wubbly wub. We love to play pranks on him ^^.

Nature Loves Me: The Leader. 'It' coordinates most of what happens in the guild. Not events, but manages what other officers do and if they are doing their best to help and managethe Guild. It is uncertain of what Nature simpler terms...the alliance has dubbed this Character an "It," not a Him or Her due to it's ever-changing personality.

X Tripolityx X:The playful one. Make sure to always pet him.

L E Tha ELE:The scammer. I'm l33tz012 cuz I skam da noobz. Join my guild and I can teach you tips and tricks on how to con people. I PWN! Oh wait.. my account got banned cuz I'm da noob.