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Northern Wolf Clan [WOLF][edit]

Northern Wolf Clan [WOLF]
Guild Northern Wolf Clan cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Faction Kurzick
No. of members 20+
Guild Hall Isle of Solitude
Webpage your looking at it

The Northern Wolf Clan is a smaller guild but very active. It was formed by James Drago(GL)and several (OF)/(MEM) in the guild. Alot of us have played together for a very long time. We consider ourselves to be a familly of sorts. We enjoy PVE/AB//Farming/Soloing ect. The Northern Wolf Clan is a guild in the School of Hard Knocks[SOHK] alliance. The alliance is very active and usually maintains over 1 million kurzick faction at all times.


Nothern Wolf Clan is always looking for 17+ age group members that like to PVE/AB, socialize,have fun,ect. We use VENT alot along with our alliance. Basically our guild likes to have active,friendly members,We do ask that you dump some faction points into alliance here and there.

Contact information[edit]

PM James Drago in-game for info on joining ect.

Leaders and Officers[edit]

James Drago "James" (male): Leader, Professional Killer

Pelz The Powerless "pelz" (male): Officer, the Strongest, PvX Master

Spellbound "Pat" (male): Top gun

Anarchist Andrew "Drew" (male) : Officer, Head of Security, Gun for Hire, Expert Douche Killer

Lance The Ravager "Mclovin" (male) : Officer, Top Assassin, Ladies man

Unknown Alliance
Leader Unknown
Members Unknown