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Siege Turtles [ST]

Siege Turtles [ST]
Guild Siege Turtles Cape.jpg
Territory USA
Language English
Faction Luxon
Type PvE
No. of members 60 (~10 active)
Guild Hall Wizard's Isle

Formed in June 2006, the Siege Turtles was started by a core group of players from a previous guild who enjoyed playing Guild Wars together. Due to differences in leadership philosophy in our previous guild, we decided to form a guild where no single player made all the decisions. We created a forum with a special section for the officers of ST to recommend and improve how the guild is regulated.

The Siege Turtles is primarily a PvE guild. We enjoy all aspects of Guild Wars PvE! Thats not to say we do not do PvP. As a matter of fact, we recently added a PvP officer to better facilitate those members who enjoy PvP. The core was together in our previous guild when Factions came out. We were the group who set Cavalon free with our "Escorting Service" which ended months of previously restricted access to the Luxon Elite Mission, "The Deep".

The Siege Turtles has remained very active since the day the guild was created. Due to our inactive policy, we do not have members who are inactive for more than 30 days (unless they post a notice on our forum). We have ranged between 70-100 active members from our very first day. Some time back, we had to create a new guild ("Miniature Siege Turtles") which is for all members with additional accounts who wanted them connected to our alliance. This has allowed us to free up space for more active players in the main ST guild.

We are the leader of the Siege Turtles Alliance. We have learned a lot about how alliances should NOT work. It's what drove us to build our own alliance. We do not allow spam, or idle chit-chat on alliance chat. That should be directed to a guild's local chat channel. We continue to grow and learn a lot. For example, alliance members wanted the ability to buy and sell on alliance chat. We created MarketDay which is held on Sundays where the regulations on alliance chat are relaxed to support this. We are constantly looking for like-minded guilds to join our alliance!

We hold alliance-wide events regularly to encourage social interaction between our guilds, and, of course, to have a lot of fun. During the Nightfall Beta Weekend Event, we held a 1v1 PvP scrimmage in which only the Paragon or Dervish class could be used. Every now and then we play a game called The Hunt for Baggy in which our guild leader hides in random outposts throughout the various campaigns. Our Wintersday party was a smash! We were joined by the mysterious Avatar of Santa who proceeded to distribute gifts to all of the guild members. The events are all organized and run by the officers of ST and all prizes are taken from our Prize Vault, which receives contributions from members and officers alike.

In the end, communication is the most important aspect of a guild. As such, we utilize forums that are active on a constant basis. It is a place for members and officers to socialize and make decisions on the directions of the guild. With the excellent player base we have at the moment, and with the diversity of opinions and ideas for guild events floating about our community, we definitely have a bright future ahead of us.

Siege Turtles was given the Guild of the Week award for the week of June 5, 2007.

Currently [ST] is in hibernation. It will return with the dawn of GW2.

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