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Sudden Death Exterminators [SDX][edit]

Sudden Death Exterminators SDX
Territory Europe
Language Dutch
Leader Warblade of Zutphen
Faction Kurzick
Type PvE
No. of members 2
Guild Hall Isle of Solitude
Time zone GMT +1
The SDX was originally established in 2001. We mainly played on the Nintendo N64 (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark) We were strictly PvP. Nowadays we play Guildwars en we will continu on to Guildwars 2 as well!


Anyone interested in Joining is welcome. We appriciate it, if you could regurarly be online. But this is not a requirement.

Contact information[edit]

You can contact Warblade of Zutphen online or Used to be Good. He is the second in command.

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