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GWW-shield.png Vicious Valkyries [VV][edit]

Vicious Valkyries VV
Guild Vicious Valkyries cape.jpg
Territory America, Australasia/Oceania,
Language English
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 30+
Guild Hall Isle_of_the_Dead_(Guild_Hall)
VoIP Vent
Webpage Vicious Valkyries Official Site

[VV] Alliance is now KURZICK

Vicious Valkyries [VV] was created mid December 2007, Lead by experienced Guild Wars Girl Gamer - Sassy Who is known to have lead the now disbanded guild;Nefarious Nephthys [Neph] and the most recent former senior officer of Extradordinary Revolution [ReVo] She left after not being able to maintain more than 10 faction (which was required faction at the time) due to the 6.8 earthquake with knowledge of her 10k not being good enough since her regular donation was 30K approx. daily. She left having to face harsh realities that required her more so than a guild of demands.

Vicious Valkyries [VV] started of as a family and close friends guild, The alliance formed with another former [ReVo] member (Note: Most in Officer status of our guild where in that guild at some stage) who also left and formed [DarK] guild which later disbanded leaving [VV] To gain new guilds and new faces. But over much discussion and support it's slowly growing in to a guild of fun, New friendships and old with the solid goal to do whatever the game has to offer. Currently with 25 officers all being either family or close friends, who have gotten to know Sassy over the time gaming GuildWars they have managed to gain the position of officer due to high respect & the consideration of good online friends besides good gamers from past guilds, alliance's. Each Officer has some knowledge in different aspects of the game from GvG, HA, AB, FoW, Surrows Furance, Title gaining, Hard Mode, Dungeons, Farming even running to specfic outposts. And a few are what are considered veterans of Guild Wars.

The VV-alliance re-created semi reforming a few of the guilds from the former [Neph] alliance, Which also considers online friends that are a tight nit bunch who are relaxed and enjoy mere gaming with Online friends.

We switched to Kurzick in April of 2007, Where we discovered our Kurzick alliance was doing better than our Luxon that was struggling, So after much discission and consideration We went Kurzaick and switched teh Leader guilds, Which Vindictive Valkyries [VV] Had lead Kurzick side but we decided to disband it.

The guild is not based on one main focus in the game but a variety, We're not a [Faction farming] Guild, Although We do HFF and also we do PvE, Titles etc. So there is no requirements If you wanting Luxon faction to gain amour; the leader and some officers know about [FFF] from the Jade Flats to help teach and educate new guild members besides alliance members, Owning an Outpost isn't a big goal for us, but if it happens it'd be well supported! The point of this guild is you can relax, have fun and meet new people besides possibly make some great new friends.

No Demands, No stress Just 100% pure entertainment, Pure fun!

Most of our guildies can access all games - Prophencies, Factions, Nightfall & Eye of the North.

Most of our guild & alliance is over the age of 17yrs.

GWW-shield.png Recruitment[edit]

Please apply via our forums under Recruitment Once applied a Guild Officer or the Leader will contact you in game.

Also please register with our official website.

If you wish to join the [VV] Alliance, Visit our website.

GWW-shield.png Contact information[edit]

Need to contact some one from with in [VV] The following information is shared in consideration of complaints, information regarding to joining Guild & the Alliance.
Names of officers are in profession order.

Guild Leader[edit]

Senior Officers[edit]

  • Dervish Rikalis Renegade
  • Ranger Blood Napalm
  • MonkJeckyal Hyde

Guild Officers[edit]

  • Necromancer Glabe Taketh Away
  • Necromancer Famine Dweler
  • Ranger Light Blu
  • Ranger Destruction Robin
  • Ranger The True Strider
  • Warrior Kate Deliverance
  • Warrior Zanryu The Dark
  • Elementalist P Y R O Queen
  • Unknown Falcore Rona
  • Assassin Haseo The Dead King
  • Monk Eagle of Life

Vicious Valkyries Alliance
Leader Vicious Valkyries
Members Heart of Flames • Midnight Cavalry of Cantha • Shadow Warriors Of Ascalon • Only Won Synergy • Deth Shadows Of Catastrophe • The Kobra Tong