Guild:White Dragons Of Wisdom (historical)

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White Dragons Of Wisdom [TAG]

White Dragons Of Wisdom [WDoW]
Guild White Dragons Of Wisdom cape.jpg
Territory International
Language English / American
Leader Rhanda Firecaster
Faction Kurzick
Type PvX
No. of members 75
Guild Hall Frozen Isle
Time zone GMT


We are a Kurzick guild , we keep every week a vanquish and dungeon guild trip we also have every 2-4 months a chest hunt. If you want to join or want to join our alliance. Please Make contact with our guildleader Rhanda Firecaster

Contact information

If you want to contact an officer if the leader ain't online you may contact :

Valdis Of Xeria.
Stevious Deux.
Little Star Fox.
Leader Regor Kwa.
Lt Helium Volae.
Hoe Lang.
Perella Safene.
Vaan Mass.

White Dragons Of Wisdom Alliance
Leader White Dragons Of Wisdom
Members Blame It On Us • Dark Knights Of Dwayna • Pack Night Wolf • The Curse Of The Kitties