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Your Math Teacher [MATH][edit]

Your Math Teacher [MATH]
Guild Your Math Teacher cape.jpg
Territory America
Language English
Time zone EST/Havana

An American server PvP guild that used to run IWAY in Tomb of Primeval Kings and Guild versus Guild combat arena.

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Current Status[edit]

May 25, 2015

Your Math Teacher [MATH] has now joined the war in REAL LIFE.

June 15, 2013

GW2 MATH is "Your Math Tèacher [MATH]". Everything else is fake.


Scout Master Syra [MATH]

May 18, 2013

Mistress Leslie (digidy) doesn't log anymore. Looks like the guild is sleeping once again.


Scout Master Syra [MATH]

October 07, 2012

Me, digidy, R E V E R E N C E, Evil Kane, PvP Gorilla and others are playing Guild Wars 2 under the name "Original Your Math Teacher [MATH]". The original guild name was jacked by someone. Yes, MATH carries on to Guild Wars 2, albeit the removal of "IWAY" skill in sPvP.

Leader: Mistress D S L Officers: B L O O D B I R D, Scout Master Syra, Pvp Gorilla, Evil Kane

Yes, "Original Your Math Teacher [MATH]" is the official one.


Scout Master Syra [MATH]

August 14, 2012

Hello. Scout here. I just want to make this post to make an announcement. Your Math Teacher [MATH] will retire forever as a Guild Wars 1 guild. So it won't carry on to Guild Wars 2 and any occurrences of the guild in Guild Wars 2 will not be the official one, even though it might bear the exact name. It won't be the real one. I've seen Your Math Teacher in World of Warcraft so it is more likely that an instance of Your Math Teacher in Guild Wars 2 will arise. I'll just blame the fans or ex-members. But, as the person who came up with the Guild Name "Your Math Teacher" and Guild Tag "MATH" (Which digidy/Mistress Leslie, the original leader, can attest to) and as the current leader of the guild, I think I have the right to say or voice out my opinion and stir it to the right direction. And that is to the grave.

Why? Because Guild Wars 2 is a different game and it doesn't fit with the rationale that I had when I named the guild.

The rationale behind the name is that I wanted a comic relief just in case we win the Hall of the Heroes match. I thought that seeing "Your Math Teacher has won the Hall of the Heroes and keeps the favor for America." will give everyone a chuckle. You might think that "Damn, maybe my math teacher plays guild wars." or "what the fuck is my math teacher doing in game.". You get the point. Take note, it had to be a singular subject. Because if it was named "Your Math Teachers", "Your Math Teachers has won the Hall of the Heroes..." will be grammatically incorrect.

And we did. With IWAY. And we pwn with IWAY. GvGed with IWAY. People came and went. Had drama and splits. (Up to now I think because there are people who want to prove that they're the real MATH).

And even though Guild Wars 2 has the skill "I Will Avenge You!", Guild Wars 2 PvP doesn't have something like a notification that "Your Math Teacher has won this uber match in this uber arena."

Moreover, I cannot maintain a guild now. I've been busy with real life and pursuing different things. And I'm older and can't afford to deal with elitism and drama. I would carry on the official guild under modification say "| Your Math Teacher |" in Guild Wars 2 and recruit actively say if Guild Wars 2 were released in 2007. But it's 2012. Time to grow old.

So I would like to thank all notable alumni of Your Math Teacher [MATH] throughout the years. Your contribution to the guild are written in the stars forever.

- Mistress Leslie - Lady Maat - Rogue X Rated - Speed Light - Veno Le Corse - Evil Kane - Teh Pwn Machine - Axe Rake - Chill is Cute - Elemental Science - Candy Girl - Kurt The Cucumber - Alfredo Killer - Weird Naked Indian - Asteria Helstron - Bud Select - Pet Miss Tawngs - My Testing - Baroness Logranth - Todbrigande Saat - Clareice Starling - Eternal Ectasy - I Hopeless - M E A T B A L L - N C Ro - A U T H O R I T Y - Lord Constantino - R E V E R E N C E - X Storm - Lord Amezzax - Nice Czech Girl - Soft Killing - Sin Sun - Princess Elinor - Tanker PVP - A Vial of Dye - Yunas Ele - Calixte Manaka

And the rest... For those I didn't mention, though i don't remember your username anymore but for sure i remember how awesome you are or have heard your voice in vent or TS. And for those i don't know and you claim that you're a member of MATH, maybe you're recruited by later members.

And for those we pwned, shit happens right? gg.

So yeah, the journey ends here. Your Math Teacher will always be a Guild Wars 1 Guild. Your Math Teacher had you thinking that he might be playing IWAY in the Hall of the Heroes.


Scout Master Syra [MATH]

Contact information[edit]

Guild Wars 1

  • Scout Master Syra
  • Mistress Leslie

Guild Wars 2

  • Mistress Leslie
  • Scout Master Syra
  • R E D S N O W