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The goal of this project is to populate and maintain the articles for all bosses.

How the project works[edit]

Below you'll see a table which is mostly equivalent to what the Category:Bosses by species will look like in the end. This is simply the easiest way to rationally divide the work in smaller chunks.

Use the different tags to show which species category still needs work, and what kind. Note that these tags apply to the entire category; if there's still even a single Charr boss article that needs to be cleaned up to comply with the Formatting guidelines, then the entire "Charr bosses" category will keep the (Cleanup) tag. On the other hand, feel free to point out somewhere in the "Updates" section of this project page which are the bosses that are "holding up" that category from being de-tagged, so that other contributors are aware of this and can take steps to amend it, if they are so inclined.

Like everything else on the wiki, this project as well is open for any modifications to make it more efficient, practical and fun (can't forget fun!). Just try to keep discussion on the talk page, so this main article doesn't get bloated; the idea is that readers should able to figure out quickly what's the status with any of the project areas.


Guild Wars Wiki:Formatting/NPCs - The guidelines we need to follow to keep information consistent, tidy and practical.

GuildWiki:Bosses by species - Mainly used to check if we got all bosses in a particular category or not. Note that there ARE bosses that are not in the GuildWiki category tree; keep an eye open for those. It is also very likely that we will ourselves be making changes to that tree here on the GWW, we are not trying to replicate GuildWiki's category tree, we're simply using it to aid us.

Category:Bosses - a.k.a. your new home for the rest of your wiki life. Set this as your browser homepage.


Arbitrary column 1 (bosses A to G) Arbitrary Column 2 (bosses E to Z)
(Create) = There's still article pages that need to be created for bosses in that category

(Image) = There's still bosses without an image in that category

(Map) = There's still bosses that are missing a map and that need a map (not all of them need one!)

(Cleanup) = There's articles that need to get cleaned up and categorized according to the Formatting guidelines in that category.

Update log[edit]

(Use three tildes ~~~ to sign only with your name, and five tildes ~~~~~to insert the date at the start of each entry.)

23:12, 24 August 2007 (UTC) I added the last image needed for Category:Abomination bosses but don't feel qualified to take down the (Image) tag on the table. Anyone care to give them a quick once-over for me? -- Eryk

23:26, 30 March 2007 (EDT) - Category:Awakened bosses is now a subcategory of Category:Undead bosses, since the Awakened are Undead (with the notable of Carven Effigies). This is a deviation from GuildWiki's category tree, where the Awakened appear as their own species (uncorrectly so). --Dirigible

08:05, 13 April 2007 (EDT) - I filled up and split Category:Troll bosses into Category:Jungle troll bosses and Category:Mountain troll bosses. -- sig