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Icon Name Animation File
Bull's Charge.jpg Bull's Charge No Image:Bull's Charge animation.gif
Sprint.jpg Sprint No Image:Sprint animation.gif
Protector's Strike.jpg Protector's Strike No Image:Protector's Strike animation.gif
Battle Rage.jpg Battle Rage No Image:Battle Rage animation.gif
Lion's Comfort.jpg Lion's Comfort No Image:Lion's Comfort animation.gif
"You Will Die!".jpg "You Will Die!" No Image:"You Will Die!" animation.gif
Enraging Charge.jpg Enraging Charge No Image:Enraging Charge animation.gif
Dwarven Battle Stance.jpg Dwarven Battle Stance No Image:Dwarven Battle Stance animation.gif
Warrior's Endurance.jpg Warrior's Endurance No Image:Warrior's Endurance animation.gif
Shield Bash.jpg Shield Bash No Image:Shield Bash animation.gif
Charging Strike.jpg Charging Strike No Image:Charging Strike animation.gif
Burst of Aggression.jpg Burst of Aggression No Image:Burst of Aggression animation.gif
Defy Pain.jpg Defy Pain No Image:Defy Pain animation.gif
Flourish.jpg Flourish No Image:Flourish animation.gif
Magehunter Strike.jpg Magehunter Strike No Image:Magehunter Strike animation.gif
Headbutt.jpg Headbutt No Image:Headbutt animation.gif
Flail.jpg Flail No Image:Flail animation.gif
Dolyak Signet.jpg Dolyak Signet No Image:Dolyak Signet animation.gif
Endure Pain.jpg Endure Pain Yes Image:Endure Pain animation.gif
Signet of Strength.jpg Signet of Strength No Image:Signet of Strength animation.gif
Bull's Strike.jpg Bull's Strike No Image:Bull's Strike animation.gif
Tiger Stance.jpg Tiger Stance No Image:Tiger Stance animation.gif
Warrior's Cunning.jpg Warrior's Cunning No Image:Warrior's Cunning animation.gif
Berserker Stance.jpg Berserker Stance No Image:Berserker Stance animation.gif
Leviathan's Sweep.jpg Leviathan's Sweep No Image:Leviathan's Sweep animation.gif
Counterattack.jpg Counterattack No Image:Counterattack animation.gif
Rush.jpg Rush No Image:Rush animation.gif
Signet of Stamina.jpg Signet of Stamina No Image:Signet of Stamina animation.gif
Body Blow.jpg Body Blow No Image:Body Blow animation.gif
Disarm.jpg Disarm No Image:Disarm animation.gif
"I Meant to Do That!".jpg "I Meant to Do That!" No Image:"I Meant to Do That!" animation.gif
Power Attack.jpg Power Attack No Image:Power Attack animation.gif
Warrior's Endurance (PvP).jpg Warrior's Endurance (PvP) No Image:Warrior's Endurance (PvP) animation.gif
"I Will Survive!".jpg "I Will Survive!" No Image:"I Will Survive!" animation.gif
"I Will Avenge You!".jpg "I Will Avenge You!" No Image:"I Will Avenge You!" animation.gif
Defy Pain (PvP).jpg Defy Pain (PvP) No Image:Defy Pain (PvP) animation.gif
Rage of the Ntouka.jpg Rage of the Ntouka No Image:Rage of the Ntouka animation.gif
Endure Pain (Turai Ossa).jpg Endure Pain (Turai Ossa) No Image:Endure Pain (Turai Ossa) animation.gif
Primal Rage.jpg Primal Rage No Image:Primal Rage animation.gif
Griffon's Sweep.jpg Griffon's Sweep No Image:Griffon's Sweep animation.gif