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Belated Hello!

I Love u LaZy guys and Girls.


Thank you for the fun evening party (Cinco de Mayo)

I had so much fun at Cinco de Mayo! Thank you to all the members involved organizing this. -- Silverleaf User Silverleaf sig.png 21:10, 3 May 2008 (UTC)

Your welcome. Glad you liked the event. =] Reaper User Reaper Sig.jpg 06:54, 4 May 2008 (UTC)
Yay! You're very welcome! ^^ This was definitely a very enjoyable event :D §Azhure Sun Soar 07:45, 4 May 2008 (UTC)

it was quite good, to say the least. You guys are almost like gw's celebrety guild atm :P--User Raph Sig.pngRaph Talky 02:32, 1 June 2008 (UTC)

Requirements To Join LaZy

I lol'd — Skakid 22:10, 23 June 2008 (UTC)

Moar liek Cult of $cientology mirite?

Am I the only one who is seriously creeped out by LaZy's cultlike qualities? Seriously... One Nation, One Vision... Snakes on a Wii 04:49, 15 July 2008 (UTC)

I think you forgot a requirement: The Imperium Of Lazy Nation only accepts the most racially pure GW players; Also, you must be readily accepting our new cultist ideologies.--LazyIsCult 04:54, 15 July 2008 (UTC)

Well I was advised to use the discussion page to post instead of editing their main page so here it is. My views on The Imperium.Truthhurts 20:43, 23 August 2008 (UTC)

The LaZy Nation

What is LaZy Nation? It is a good idea gone wrong.

First and foremost this is not a Imperium bashing message, it is a message to bring about change hopefully to this once great alliance.

The high leadership is over-extended and focuses on shear expansion and projects to flaunt about, and make them seem like they are the best there is. Once this might have been the absolute truth I believe. Due to the leadership's headstrong attitude though, they have created many enemies in the Guild Wars community. It saddens me that something that once held the belief that they were a "mature family and community orientated guild" that has become something that is a sad joke to many that once held this guild dear in our hearts. The LaZy Nation started with rules that that the leadership had thoroughly thought over. These rules were intended to maintain an environment meant for families and mature players to have a great time harassment, violence, and foul language free. The guild had many families join that decided that it was a great place to play the game. The officers and leadership upheld these rules to the utmost of their potential, and due to this they attracted a crowd of players that were wholly dedicated to the betterment of this alliance. The leadership was very good at spotting talent within LaZy, and willing to give people chances to lead and help out to show how much they truly loved the alliance. These leaders were proud yet humble individuals happy to be able to have their chance at being part of such an upcoming guild. The leaders were energetic, helpful, and were selfless in nearly all their actions. They gave without expectation of anything more than the communities happiness. Over time though things changed after several attacks by various leaders or members that were discontent with the community. Changes were made and stricter rules put in place to prevent the damage that they had done from ever occurring again. Many of these rules were for the most part ok and everyone kept on gaming and enjoying the community. The rules were being enforced and things were great. Now the community was flourishing and even made GOTW, that's when they started getting a big head. They could have humbly accepted this award and kept on rolling, but they got cocky and started thinking of expanding. Well the first idea gone wrong happened. The possibility of a kurzick alliance. Now kurzick and luxon are the same to me neither matter, but the community due to guild wars communication capabilities would literally be split. We could not function truly as "One Dream, One Nation, One Vision" and therefore brought forth something that many did not want. Against the advice of many other leaders in the alliance the High leadership went ahead on many attempts to expand to a kurzick side at the members expense though the gold was willingly donated in hopes that it would be the last attempt each time. It eventually succeeded and the kurzick side was exactly what many had feared a place to get away from the leaderships rules and have fun free from a watchful eye. The leaders that were put in charge were lax with the rules and therefore drew in a crowd that had already been seeping into the luxon side, but this crowd was of a higher concentration and out of hand. By the time the kurzick side had succeeded the many families, and truly mature players had mostly left or gone inactive from the community.

Rule enforcement died over time, and peaked in failure with the successful creation of the kurzick side. The only times the rules were enforced was when it conveniently suited the leadership. Which except for a few select individuals, that I believe are no longer with the Imperium, the rules were never and still to my knowledge are not being enforced. The belief that moving towards a more mature guild involves dropping the rules and sweeping them under the rug or "being a bit more lenient" will make us a more "Mature guild" is a belief that someone in the High leadership I believe needs to change. I won't state his name for he knows who he is. The enforcement of these rules was what made the community a Mature guild. No matter the age, claiming to be of a mature mind set involves thinking about what your saying. It involves arguing in a civil manner when disputes rise. Maturity can be defined in many different ways, but to me the movement towards being more "lenient" with the rules is what ruined the alliance as a whole. I believe that the loosening of the rules came with the hardening of recruitment efforts the numbers coming in were less than those going out. My belief was that they were seeing that which I could not when I was in The Imperium. They saw that LaZy's soul was dieing and that The Imperium was a bottomless container the High leadership was trying to replace it with. A container that they tossed in LaZy Kurzick, LaZy Luxon, CREW Luxon, CREW Kurzick, and whatever expansion projects they have thought of since to try and fill that container to regain the soul that once inhabited the Great LaZy Nation.

If the kurzick side wasn't bad enough the High Leadership brought forth the nightmare that is the further over extension of resources that is CREW. CREW was an alliance that many thought and believe came about due to the temporary truce with KISS (the competitor of LaZy). The names were of similar naming etc. To get to the point the leadership all around was stretched thin due to the expansion of the kurzick side and lack of people wanting to give of themselves and lead but instead wanted to leech the resources that the community had to offer. The expansion to CREW was the biggest mistake of all in that it involved letting any and ALL players into an alliance and allow the use of the Imperium's resources and further lessening the rules. This only further proved to many that the Imperium was desperate for members, and numbers truly mattered more than quality a message that was falsely advertised by The High Leadership. LaZy and the Imperium's rivalry only turned into a big cock fight and turned what was once great into a "who can expand the fastest" or who can do the most stuff to get their name out there contest. It was and is a pathetic thing to have and be doing, and for moving that direction I am truly saddened and wish my disgust be felt by the High Leadership. Grow UP and be the mature guild you claim to be. Its not about who's SEEN to be the best its about who truly at heart is the best. At one time LaZy was THE BEST, what it has become is something to be vomited upon when looked at.

There were many things that were and probably still are great about The Imperium, but it is not the guild that it once was. The change of names from The LaZy Nation to The Imperium only solidified the statement.

One thing that stood out in many people's minds was the loss of overall interest by the creator of The LaZy Nation, with time it was becoming more and more apparent that a loss of interest was taking place by the leadership and High Leadership. With that loss of interest came the loss of overall leadership all together as they played other games more often and would lock themselves in their own rooms in vent to avoid others for various reasons. Loosing a friend is hard, I know, and it is understandable to want some alone time. This is a reasonable excuse by all means. Others did not have any excuse what-so-ever and for that I am displeased. The loss of leadership left The Imperium in the hands of many leaders that were and are still are incapable of properly leading and enforcing the rules and policies set forth by the High Leadership and the community altogether.

Again only to reinforce my earlier statement, this message was written to bring about change. It is only meant as constructive criticism and is not intended to bash The Imperium though my statements might hit home some.

If the expansion of the kurzick side of LaZy, and the formation of CREW weren't enough I was displeased to see that the Imperium was further strutting, and expanding their resources to include other games outside of guild wars. As if the million channels in vent weren't enough the High Leadership added in a few more to accommodate other games. All I have to say is that it wasn't a smart move further expanding your already failing system.

In closing I wish to say I am thankful to have experienced the old LaZy and am sad that things have turned out the way they have. As many others have tried to say but have had their voices fall upon deaf ears, focus on maintaining instead of expanding (you know who I am talking to) its not going to get better if you only further complicate and try to expand a system that is already and has been failing for a long time. I could go on forever and in more detail, but hopefully this page is all it takes. I wish the Imperium the best of luck in the future and hope that it corrects the flaws it has and the mistakes it has made as soon as possible before it is too late.Truthhurts 20:43, 23 August 2008 (UTC)

XXXX The response I received from the leader I assume due to his usual responses to any criticism.

Nice try.

You are entitled to your opinions but you do not have ownership. If you want to express yourself, use the Discussion tab - but do not deface content owned by another player/guild. You went across the line in doing so. That does not speak well of you, your intentions, or the message you attempted to convey.

The page is now locked - because of individuals such as you.

At the end of the day - you can simply go create your own community and be, do, run, operate, lead as you see fit. As part of growing up and becoming an adult you will learn that while you are entitled to your opinion - you are also accountable to your opinion. Having made yours public, my response is that our guild is not yours, you do not have ownership, you do not have any right, nor entitled, to control its destiny. You are free to do what you want in leading your own guild - but you are not entitled to attempt to influence or control the destiny of another. If you do not the like the direction another guild takes while you are part of it - then you are fully entitled to leave it. But to leave and then convey such hate in your opinions tells me you have a tremendous amount of growing up to do. Again, you are entitled to your opinion. But your approach was stealth mode, your IP was masked to hide your true identity, you were hijacked the content of a page that belongs to others and imposed your own opinions and thus defaced the actual content. In short your actions were self-centered, immature, and thus your entire approach and any arguments you made are dismissed as childish (if not a deliberate act of vandalism). All you had to do was use the Discussion Tab, which was the correct approach. In short you are a coward, a vandal - and you are dismissed.

XXXX Well sir if resulting to calling me a child for having spoken my mind in a civil manner makes me a child, then I wonder what that makes you. Sir grow up and please take it like a man. No hatred was intended in the message and I can only assume you read this message with the intent as always that it is an attack against the Imperium. Your response to my message only proves to me that I hit home, and it must have hurt a little. It saddens me to see you call me self-centered for I have the approval of many that have left LaZy over the years. As for immature Sir I ask you to please examine your own self before you criticize others. The things you have said and done in the past to many good people within your alliance are atrocious, and were in many cases a failure to abide by the very rules you wrote and upheld. As for ownership I feel I have more ownership than most that abide in the Imperium today. The countless millions in gold I have donated the countless hundreds of hours I spent dedicating myself to the betterment of the once great LaZy Nation are proof enough. To call someone that gave selflessly for years selfish is in itself ridiculous. I can only assume that because of this message you are now in damage control mode, and probably have called another pointless town hall meeting to brainwash the multitude into thinking that I am a coward and should be shunned and ignored. Why do you always seem to result to calling people that express their opinions a child. It befuddles me how a old fart like yourself can assume that everyone that speaks out is childish or younger than you and needs to grow up. Being old does not entail being mature sir. Sometime for an opinion to be heard one has to step outside of the container, and that is precisely what I did. My opinion and thoughts, and the thoughts of many have been expressed, heard, and put out there for all to see. So with that I wish you the best of luck in the future, and wish everyone the best in the once great LaZy Nation.Truthhurts 20:44, 23 August 2008 (UTC)

Blah Blah Blah. Stop being a hypocrite. It's a guild - it's a great guild. You don't like it - then fine - take your shit elsewhere and start your own. Maybe you need to walk in the shoes to better understand what it takes. PS - send me an invite when you do; I'll let you know what I think in a public forum. Fact: you are shotting off your mouth. Fact: you defaced a guild's webpage on Wiki. Fact: you are full of shit. Cheers. The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs) at 21:30, 23 August 2008 (UTC).


Well from what I what read and seen so far, I think your biggest issue here is change not LAZY or IMPERIUM or LEADERSHIP, Things change things go on, things that dont stagnate and wither away.

I have been a Lazy member since before we were 10 Luxon Guilds, I have seen many changes, expansions, and movements throughout our community, Held many positions throught that time, I have donated enormous amounts of gold, given up hundreds of hours of my time, and I have never once looked for reward apart from the success of our community.

I rarely play Guild Wars any more, But now i am still able to be part of The Lazy Nation while i am playing Age Of Conan, and stil lbe able to hang out with all my freinds from all sides as we are able to be together, so all the weakness and worrys you have identified are really our strengths, and I hope everyone agrees, I am very glad the oppertunity is there so that we can all be together.

So my point is simple, whoever you are, Enjoy the game, Have a nice day, But if your unhappy with change, Find something that does make you happy and leave the situation that doesnt, and dont attack it.


Graham Garion Dragonheart Proud Lazy Member The preceding unsigned comment was added by Garion Dragonheart (talk • contribs) at 22:30, 23 August 2008 (UTC).

The LaZy Nation

From what I have read you were once a long standing member in the guild you now have nothing but criticism for. Quote: The countless millions in gold I have donated the countless hundreds of hours I spent dedicating myself to the betterment of the once great LaZy Nation are proof enough. To call someone that gave selflessly for years selfish is in itself ridiculous. Now that you are no longer part of the community that you called home for SO MANY YEARS as you put it, you have nothing better to do but criticize what has taken two years to build. I have been a part of LaZy for over a year now and have nothing but the utmost respect for what the Leader of this community has done. You want to talk about putting countless hours of time into a community, I ask that you try and build a community like LaZy and see how far you get, and what putting long hours into something really is. My final comment to you is GROW UP!!! and stop worrying about what others are doing and GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE!!!

Michael - D P Tourcher The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk • contribs) at 22:52, 23 August 2008 (UTC).

I agree 100% with Graham and Michael. By what you've written, you have not been a part of our community for some time now. As a result, you do not have the full story of what is happening within. The leaders still have the best of the community in mind with any decisions that are made, as always. That has not changed. The decisions that were made were done so with the input of the community. A few will always disagree and feel slighted if their side isn't the one that wins. This can produce hurt feelings or the feeling that they were not heard which is just not true.

For a note that was written supposedly for constructive criticism, it came across very hostile and accusatory. For as long as you say that you had been a part of our community, I find it odd that such obviously false ideas could be made. If you had been here as long as you say, I would hope that you would know better. Our long term members know that if they feel strongly about something, we will listen to them. Your decision to leave rather than talk and work out problems points to a bit of immaturity, brashness, and gives me the idea that you left or were removed under different circumstances... perhaps personal ones, and instead of moving on, you decide to push our buttons. A bigger person would not hide under an alias while throwing poo at us from a distance, all the while claiming its to bring our attention to a greater problem that LaZy faces. Then again, a bigger person would not simply leave if they had such concerns, but voice them and strive to come to an understanding about why our decisions were made or to make your point to the leadership in hopes of change. The entire article you authored seems, to me, a childish attempt to get one last jab in... just in case we forgot about you. That is NOT hotdogs.

Mike - LaZy BoD

lol, the whole alliance just title grinds all day. When someone finally peaks r5, they all say "congrats, yay!". Nothing else goes on really. Nothing at all. lol Guild Wars --Readem 01:33, 24 August 2008 (UTC)

Isn't that all there is left to do in the game these days. When someone has everything they can have, on every character slot they have. Wow, i grinded until i had a set of FoW fro every profession, rank 10 ha (means nothing these days, btw has anyone hit 15 yet) with every skill unlocked on each of the 11 pve characters i do have (all skills of all professions on EACH individual character).. what else is there left to do in the game other then grind for titles?? I myself have taken a break from gw after buying up zkeys to get rid of all my gold, and moved onto games such as AoC, which LaZy is now branching out into as a full community with well over 2000 members total. --Kei Miyaichi 10:10, 24 August 2008 (UTC)


Hi mark, Graham also micheal. Its a shame that somone temp wrecks you wiki page right?. That i would agree and its not fun to see this kind of stuff. But im afraid to say at the same time, proud that somone within your own community decides to take it upon themselves to point out what you already know,Yet Deny "ALL 3 of YOU" your the head honchoes of LaZy and hence forth the only reason there is only a reply of 3. Im also here to participate in this little escapade as you all full well know, truth hurts Mark you cannot stand the facts either. As for Graham and micheal i feel sorry for you guys that are blinded and have become washed by a complete power monger, number mounting, guild wrecking, backstabbing Socalled Leader/owner of LaZy "IMPERIUM" AKA: Mark-Araliuns Sun. This guy Mark would drop you guys any time for his own Self Loved EGO!. Can i please Point out that on your website Pere Preasure to Force people to vote on the top 100 website for a Guildwars top 100 guild, i feel is wrong, when the majority of Imperium play Age Of Conan and WarHammer online. if you do not amend this please be advised, that complaints will be made to the top 100 website about people like myself log into your imprium website wether it be for Age of Conan - Warhammer Online - are forced to vote for guildwars. damn people cannot even veiw you forums without being forced to VOTE!!. self EGO or what mark? On a final note i leave what the original poster said is the truth and nothing but the truth, number wars on other guilds. Self motivation! Have you ever seen the movie *A FEW GOOD MEN* Jack Nickelson - the poster of this topic Quotes: you want the truth? Tom Cruise - Mark the deffender of LaZY Quotes: Yea i want the Truth! Jack Nickelson - the poster of this wiki page & Backup from myself. Quotes: YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH!! --The preceding unsigned comment was added by User: (talk).

Marks movie on the start of [CREW]

THE SEED OF THE FATHER. THE SINS OF THE MOTHER! <~denial mark? blame somone else for your mess. LOL. Marks EGO FTL. --The preceding unsigned comment was added by User: (talk).

As for being "forced" to vote for guildwars top 100 it comes up with a yes AND no button, your not forced to hit yes. And there is a conan top 100 button aswell, and when WAR goes live there will probably be one for that. As for being a reply of 3, I also have replied, and have been talking with wiki admins/sysops regarding the defemation of our pages, so its not just the 3 head honcho's as i'm not even in any form of leadership in the community. also, nice to see you wotn even sign your comments. --Kei Miyaichi 15:51, 24 August 2008 (UTC)

The Voices Above

Bradon, Maya, Maxx and the few others who left LaZy to form your own guild who have been spamming these messages above ... My message to you is that your actions in this public forum have been an open attack on a grand community filled with wonderful people who care for it. While each of you may have come to your own personal decisions why the guild may no longer be a good fit for you, you should simply go in peace and leave the community behind. Your words will not sway or change the course or destiny of the community. Your beliefs, while you are entitled to them, are yours. How you see the guild, the leadership may not be in agreement with your own beliefs. However, what your actions have been in posting in this forum during the past 24 hours have been a deliberate attack on the community itself. You have used an open and public forum to launch your beliefs and attack not only the guild and community - but you have revealed a nature which is aggressive and mean-spirited in the Wiki of the Guild Wars community. Your attack (although you believe your actions to be simply voicing your opinions) are truly designed to hurt others; myself, the leadership of the guild, and further the members themselves who continue to take pride and call LaZy there home. I personally have seen this time and time in the past by a handful of individuals who become so enamored with our community that their feelings become hurt when they find themselves on opposing sides of an issue or decision that was reached by leadership. In your cases, each of you have been hurt because you "believe" that what you did, wanted, etc. was correct. What I must stress to you, and hope you realize, is that you have now crossed a line into attacking our community. You are not simply voicing your opinions - you are attacking with a premeditated intent. What that intent is; only you know - but from how your words come across and the things you have said in a public forum clearly illustrate a desire to force change in a community in which you do not agree. What right do you have to perform such an action? What benefit can you possible gain by attacking another community? What does it bring you as a handful of individuals who left to create your own guild? What motivates you to launch an open attack in a public forum if for no other reason that to hurt our community for your own selfish benefit and personal gain? Since you have left and formed your own guild, our community has left you in peace; it has not attacked you, it has not attempted to subvert you, it has not attempted to impose any beliefs it may have of your operations, leadership, members, operations, facilitation etc. of your community. In every sense - your community in which you have attempted to form has been respected. That respect was given without question. Unfortunately, your actions here have disrupted a balance of respect between communities. Your actions have been an open launch to hurt our community, force your opinions upon us, criticize our operations and leadership, etc.. I question your maturity in such a venue. I question your motives. I question your integrity in the situation entirely. While I respect you personal opinions and beliefs, I do not have to agree with them. However you have taken the initial steps of openly attacking, for personal gain, our community. Why not simply accept that what and who we are as a community is something that you simply do not agree with - and retain your thoughts to yourself? Why did you launch the campaign, why did you deface our web page, why did you shove your agenda out for all to see? You do not have to agree with us. You do not have to believe in us. You are entitled to your own thoughts and opinions. But I am bewildered why you would launch this campaign here in this venue and I question your motivations for doing so. I have my own opinions of each of you. Do you wish for me to publicly list them here for all in Wiki to read? You each have your own personal histories with the community, you each have had personal losses in your lives or personal challenges you each have struggled with. You each find yourselves hating as much as you once loved. You are in fact hating. I question why - and I question how you came to conclusion to cast your hate in such a venue - and what you hoped to gain by it. Do you not understand that regardless of your beliefs, as a community we control our own destiny - and not you. Your voices are mute to us. Do you believe that we actually would take any act of smearing our community in this forum seriously enough that your words would be taken to heart. If you wanted your opinions heard, you should have used a private venue for communication. Your actions here, in this venue, were in violation of the standards of Wiki and have discredited any intent or meaning you attempted to convey in your words. To your words I will simply say: believe what you may - see things as you may - you are a mere minority of a few people who feed upon each other due to being bored, with a realization that you are now on the outside and never can return. You have only each other - and as such - this is what you fill your time with... attacking a community that you can no longer be part of. LaZy NATION never belonged, nor never will belong to any of you. It is not yours. Your words will not influence our decisions. I am sorry if your feelings are hurt. I am sorry if you found the majority of us disagreed with your decisions and actions taken. I am sorry we did not support you in your beliefs. However, none of that changes the realities of where we find ourselves. I am truly sorry that you chose to air your opinions here in this venue as well. I would appreciate if you would simply choose to take your community in a different direction, adopt a more respectable approach in a public venue, and we will simply wish you peace in whatever direction you may take. I hope you take this to heart; it is not meant to openly attack you but simply give you guidance of respectful behavior. I have attempted to contact you Brandon and discuss with you my disappointment in private - away from this venue. I hope you and your guild mates will do the same. LaZy was not yours, nor will it ever be. Simply choose a new path and walk away and find your own destiny - but do not openly attack us here in this venue simply because you do not agree, or further, to pursue an agenda which we in LaZy question. Continuation of the discussion will be seen as a continuation of that agenda. We will not participate further in this discussion.

As we are the owners of this page, we feel we are fully entitled to take this position on our page.

Peace to each of you.

Don't Assume

Don't assume that any other individual had any knowledge of the publishing of the original article at the time of its creation I claim sole responsibility so leave them out of it. Go get laid. Truthhurts 18:53, 24 August 2008 (UTC)

In case you didn't notice...


It was archived for a reason. Leave your problems to Guild Wars, email, forums -- the wiki isn't the place. --User Pling sig.png Brains12 \ talk 18:58, 24 August 2008 (UTC)