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Species Human
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Well, my name is Keith. I love Guild Wars and have been playing for almost two years now. I am an Assassin for my primary profession. That does include PvE and PvP. As he is PvP-ready. I have experience with every profession, but, if I had to play a different profession, it would be Monk. I am currently working on my titles for my Assassin. Which I hope will be in Guild Wars 2. :P

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  • Leave me a message if you need anything.

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Proud General Manager of Order of Unity [LaZy]!
[What is LaZy Nation and what is "One Dream, One Nation, One Vision"?
A prophecy foretold its coming. A Nation would Rise that would change everything. From the Seeds of the father it grew. From the sins of the mother it Bled. By the people who loved it. It transformed and now Evolution at hand Revolution coming.
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