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I've been playing Guild Wars since the World Preview Event back in 2005 and since then have enjoyed all the new additions, twists and turns that ANet have taken me on. Although recently Guild Wars has just grown boring and repetative, and basically down to title grinding on all of my characters. This caused me to dig out my old games and maybe try some new ones. After many of wasted hours re-living Diablo II and WarCraft III, I decided it was time for a NEW GAME.

Bring forth Age Of Conan, I have previously played World of Warcraft, but it too was a grind fest from the word go. However I have yet to run into this with Age Of Conan, sure it basically means I need to upgrade my computer, but even with what I have, it is playable, and enjoyable. The reason I chose Age Of Conan to try out is basically because The IMPERIUM (LaZy + CREW) have expanded into other games, with Conan being one of them.

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