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Creating a guild page

The Guild namespace is a place where you can create a page to tell the community about your guild, and document your achievements. The Guild namespace is regulated by the Guild page policy, and Guild page formatting guideline.

Getting started[edit]

The easiest way to create a guild page is to use the in game link located on the F10 menu. Simply click on the link for your guild and follow the instructions.

Using the guild page template[edit]

Another way to create a guild page is to create a new guild page following the naming format Guild:<Full Guild Name> and copy the code from Template:Guild page to it, then just fill in the values.

Things to keep in mind[edit]

  • Guild pages are not to be used as guild homepages. The content should be restricted to information that is of interest to the entire wiki community.
  • All guild pages and guild related pages should be placed in the Guild namespace.
  • All images used on guild pages should follow the naming format Guild <Full Guild Name> <imagename>.<extension>.

Guild talk pages[edit]

  • Guild talk pages are for the community to contact the guild regarding guild page content and should not be used as a guild discussion forum.
  • Guild talk page comments should be treated like any other talk page comments and archived rather than deleted.