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The outpost, Brauer Academy, is named after the Kurzick House Brauer.

House Brauer leads the infinite pursuit of the aesthetic among the Kurzicks. Brauers are responsible for the finest sculptures and most awe-inspiring paintings the people of the Echovald have ever produced, and they consider it their house’s mission to bring color and life into their cold, petrified homeland. They are not above experimentation with untried methods of artistic expression, and some experiments are much more successful than others. Of all the houses, they are the least suited to warfare, but when duty calls they will not fail to answer. Their patron god is Lyssa.

— Loremaster Ermenred

House Brauer is one of the five Kurzick Great Houses. The members of House Brauer are dedicated to art, and beauty. Their primary deity is Lyssa. Their residence is the Brauer Academy.

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