The Path to Combat: Random Arena

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The Path to Combat: Random Arena
Section The Battle Isles Quests
Campaign Core
Given by Zenjal
in Great Temple of Balthazar
(The Battle Isles)
Followed by The Path to Victory: Random Arenas and
The Path to Combat: Codex Arena
Type Secondary quest

Quest information[edit]





Initial dialogue[edit]

Zenjal [Zaishen Guide]
"Hail, hero! The Zaishen Order is seeking worthy adventurers to participate in our many arenas on the Battle Isles. In the Random Arenas, as the name suggests, battles are fought between teams impartially assembled by the Zaishen. It is an excellent place to hone your fighting spirit. Are you prepared for the field of combat?"
Yes Accept: "I'm ready!"
No Decline: "Let me check my skills first..."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Zenjal [Zaishen Guide]
"To compete in the Random Arenas, you must journey to the Battle Isles. If you wish, I can send you directly to the staging area. Is your heart prepared for the flames of battle?"
Yes Accept: "Let's do it."
No Decline: "Not now."

Reward dialogue[edit]

Zenjal [Zaishen Guide]
"Boldly fought, hero! Perhaps you are ready for a challenge..."